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Baiden Mitten Superior Exfoliator Glove Review

The Baiden Mitten has utterly captivated me. There is no other way to begin this article. The Baiden Mitten is a tree fiber exfoliation device woven in the same textile design that has been used in hammams and bath houses since the Ottoman Empire. I’ve been to a hammam before — a steamy, no-frills spa […]

Microcurrent Facial Wands Comparison (Luce 4T vs. SolaWave)

This article is a comparison of the Luce 4T therapy wand and the SolaWave Wand. I’m going to break down for you the differences between these wands, and then I’m going to talk about how to use them, and then you can decide which one you think is better for you. At first glance these […]

Difference Between Galvanic and Microcurrent (and EMS)

This article is addressing a specific question that I get often. People are getting confused between galvanic, microcurrent and EMS devices These terms are used interchangeably, they’re thrown around and people think they’re the same thing. But they are not the same thing! They are three different modalities. I’m just going to give you a […]

How Do Acne Patches Work (3 Types)

What are acne patches and how do they work? This is the subject of this piece. Intro We’re talking about all the many types of stickers you may use to stick up an outbreak on your face. As of present, there are three basic types of acne patches. I’m sure they’ll come up with something […]

Photozyme MD Skincare Review

Here I talk about true anti-aging with the latest and the greatest science and technology I’m always searching for the latest and the greatest in science and technology. This product line is insanely amazing, the highest quality ingredients, the newest science, the newest technology and you will get serious results. This is anti-aging at its […]

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