Author: Rebecca

Mini Refrigerator For Skin Care & Cosmetics

This is the miniature refrigerator that beauticians prefer since it keeps skincare products and cosmetics fresh and last longer. It keeps skincare products and other beauty goods cold by maintaining a constant temperature of 35° F to 45° F. It also provides anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits. The beauty cooler can be used for storing topical […]

Why Are Silk Pillowcases Good For Skin?

Here I want to talk about silk. I’m going to break down all the benefits that silk has on our skin, especially if your skin is a concern to you. Whether that is acne and breakouts or if it’s sensitivity or severe dryness of your skin. This is seriously something that I would really consider […]

Fast Drying Cotton Hair Towel!

Looking for fast drying cotton hair towel? I have something very special for you! What if I told you that there are towels that are not only quick drying but the ones that you don’t need to wash often? Yes, that’s right. Trust me when I tell you that your life will change with them. […]

How to Make Freckles Fade

In this article I’m gonna be sharing with you my top five tips on how to make freckles fade. At the end of the article I will share with you skincare routine tips to reduce the chances that your freckles will darken this summer. Freckles typically appear in the first three years of life and […]

What is Vampire Facelift? (Before & After)

What is a Vampire Facelift and what does it do? Is it worth it? I can certainly understand why you’re asking this question. I can understand why there is confusion. I’ve been an active member of the Vampire Facelift Network and have been a resource for the media periodically whenever the Vampire Facelift is featured […]

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