Best Anti Aging Treatments For Hands

I’m going to share with you my top products for anti-aging on the backs of your hands.

I get a lot of questions what can be done to improve sun spots on the backs of the hands. As we get older, we start to lose collagen from our skin that presents us wrinkles and fine lines.

The skin there is thinner, it’s more prone to bruising, it just doesn’t look as radiant as it once did.

The products I’m going to share with you are pretty cost effective. You can find them at your local drugstore.

On top of my list is Hand MD hand care set. You can read more about it here:

hand care set

A really basic product that can not only improve the appearance of the backs of your hands and your hands overall, but also your nails, is going to be a hand cream that has either alpha hydroxy acid or urea in it or a combination of the two ingredients.

These ingredients are really great for the health of your nails. If you suffer from brittle nails, a lot of ridging on the nails, alpha hydroxy acids and urea in hand creams are going to be your best friend. They can really help hydrate the nail plate in a way that strengthens it and improves the appearance of nails, makes them look more lustrous.

Both urea and alpha hydroxy acids are gonna help your skin as well. They are humectants, they help hold water into the skin, which will plump up the skin cells and smooth out the surface, improving the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Alpha hydroxy acids also can lightly exfoliate the top layer of the skin, removing some sun damaged skin cells and removing some of those rough bumpy patches that you might be suffering from as part of photo aging of the hands.

Both urea and alpha hydroxy acids in moisturizing products can help in terms of boosting your skin’s natural moisturizing factors.

One of my favourite products that addresses this is a hand cream by Eucerin.



Their advanced repair hand cream has both urea as well as alpha hydroxy acid, specifically it has lactic acid. It just helps keep the nails lustrous and smooth. It will help soften rough bumpy cuticles and it will improve the look of not only the backs of the hands, but the palms as well.

I like putting it on at night time before I go to bed and to really amp up its efficacy, I like to put it on underneath some cotton gloves. You can also get these little plastic gloves that they use in food handling and do the same thing.

It will really drive that hydration into the skin and amp up the efficacy of the moisturizer. That’s going to help brighten up the hands, improve skin smoothness and just using that alone we’ll get you pretty far.

But moving down to product number two, let’s not ignore the obvious, that is sun protection.

The majority of skin aging has to do with ultraviolet radiation and the backs of the hands are a prime target, especially when driving.

For whatever reason, it’s really easy to forget to put sunscreen on the backs of your hands. Instead of plopping it out in the palm of your hand, plop it out on the back of your hand that way you end up getting some on your hand.

Eucerin makes a fantastic hand cream that has SPF in it, The Daily Hydration SPF 30.


The reason I love this product so much is not only is it a great hand cream at baseline, it has of course sun protection in it which will help in not only preventing photo aging, but if you have sunspots on the back of your hands that you’re trying to improve the appearance of, sun protection is going to be instrumental in that journey.

The other reason that I like this product is that it has a licorice root extract. Licorice root is anti-inflammatory and it’s an antioxidant, so it theoretically can scavenge free radicals that contribute to photoaging. But licorice root also can inhibit some of the abnormal processes that lead to hyperpigmentation. In other words using licorice root can help in brightening up uneven pigment on the backs of the hands.

The third product though is not a cream or anything, it’s sun protective driving gloves. I can’t live without these. They are by Coolibar. I have the ones with the little tech tips on the fingers so that you can use your phone.


Anytime I get in my car, it is the first thing I put this on right away and then I put my seatbelt on.

Another product is Adapalen 0.1% by La Roche Posay. CVS has come out with the generic version of Adapalen, same exact ingredients but a lot less expensive.


Adapalene is a third generation retinol, so it’s slightly different then tretinoin but it has many of the same outcomes in terms of removing sun damaged skin cells.

It’s actually been shown when you apply adapalene twice daily to substantially improve the appearance of sun spots. So if you’ve got sun spots on the back of your hands that you want to brighten up and get rid of, go with adapalene.

To use this, I recommend applying a pea-sized amount to the back of each hand and you can use it at night time, but actually in the studies they applied it twice a day.

Adapalene is technically photo stable. We always point out with topical vitamin A that it’s sensitive to light, it will degrade in light, that’s why we tell you to use it at nighttime. Adapalene is stable in the presence of light.

Also if you have if you have a lot of photo aging on the back of the hands that presents with the rough spots, those rough spots sometimes can be the beginnings of pre-skin cancers. They’re very common on the backs of the hands and in that study it actually showed that adapalene did in fact improve those as well.

I mentioned earlier how much I love the Eucerin hand cream with alpha hydroxy acid aka lactic acid and you may be wondering is it okay to use that with this. I typically say be careful doing that because it can cause a lot of irritation that can lead to problems.

I’m telling you that in the context of using it for acne. But on the backs of the hands, that’s less likely and so it’s fine to do that. For example, if you want to use the the Eucerin hand cream at nighttime and apply this along with it, you certainly can do that and then the Eucerin. You definitely can layer this on on top of adapalene.

The final product that I want to bring to your attention because I think it goes unnoticed is the LA Roche Posay mela-D pigment control serum.


It’s not cheap. What is this? It is L’oréal’s proprietary LH, which is a modified version of salicylic acid. It’s modified so that it helps to exfoliate the skin more precisely and in doing so, it helps lift up some of that superficial hyperpigmentation that can cause a lot of discoloration of the skin. See

It also has kojic acid, an ingredient that is both a skin brightening ingredient, so it can help in inhibiting an enzyme that makes pigment and kojic acid is an antioxidant so it can scavenge free radicals that lead to damage.

You really don’t need very much of it at. All you need for the backs of the hands is one drop to each hand, so it will last you a really long time.

It’s the kind of thing that you don’t necessarily need to feel like you have to use for the rest of your life, but if you had the goal of improving some existing hyperpigmentation, you definitely can get better results using this applied to the hands for a period of four weeks. Beyond that it’s up to you if you want to keep going with it.

If you start seeing benefit and you’re happy with where you get with it, so long as you keep up with sun protection, you don’t necessarily need to use out indefinitely. You can use it on other areas of the body that have hyperpigmentation. Maybe you have some hyperpigmentation on your chest or maybe on your face related to healing acne. You can incorporate it in your skincare routine for as long as you want.

This product has alcohol denaturant in it. It’s not a demon ingredient. Alcohol denaturant is added to stabilize active ingredients. While it’s not a demon ingredient, it definitely can be drying, but so long as you’re using a good hand cream that really shouldn’t be an issue.

LaRoche tells on the instructions that you to use it twice a day and honestly you’re probably going to get results with it using it twice a day a much faster. But if you want to combine this with adapelene you certainly can but because the salicylic acid or the modified salicylic acid in this can potentially compromise the stability of the adapelene, you don’t want to apply them at the same time in your routine.

In that case if you want to use this and adapelene, you would use adapelene at night and you would use mela-D pigment control serum in the morning and then follow up in the morning with sunscreen.

The number one thing that I can advise you on is to be really aggressive with the sun protection. Just doing the sun protective gloves and sunscreen in the day will get you pretty far actually just by itself.

In terms of improving the look of hyperpigmentation using, the hand cream with urea is another great way that you can see drastic results.

I would say start there if you are motivated to improve the appearance of your hands.

See Best Hand Cream For Aging Hands

Start with a sun protection piece and the urea hand cream and take photos before you start and after four to six weeks of doing that see how far you’ve gotten. If you’re happy with where you are with just that, great. Keep doing that, but if you want to take it to another level, then maybe consider adding adapalene or the LA Roche Posay product to see if you cannot get even further in terms of improving the dark spots.

Best Anti Aging Treatments For Hands

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