Best At Home Microdermabrasion Machine

How about getting rid of that dull, dry, old skin and revealing fresh, new, amazing skin!

That’s what you can do with this microdermabrasion product. This is from Silk’n. If you don’t know this company, they are the number one at-home company that creates aesthetic devices worldwide, not only here in the United States.

This is the ReVit and it is a microderm tool that’s not only gonna exfoliate with the diamond tips you get included but it’s actually gonna give you that gentle suction to vacuum up those dead skin cells.

Best At-Home Microdermabrasion Machine

So what you’re gonna reveal is the amazing skin you already have.

And of course we know that good exfoliation means everything else, our expensive serums, our creams, our eye creams, our makeup, everything else looks better, syncs in better, works better.

You get the three tips included and they gonna help improve the look of your skin to give you that brighter and more radiant skin.

I am going to show you the most beautiful skin that you have seen!

Seriously, when you get rid of all of these layers of dead, dry skin. what you are going to reveal is probably skin that you have not seen in a very, very long time.

I want to introduce you to the ReVit.

silkn revit diamond microderm device

If you haven’t already seen it, heard about it in every beauty blog and magazine across the globe, this is a professional microdermabrasion tool for at-home use and of course it’s brought to you by the number one leading source and it’s Silk’n Beauty.

What I love about this is the vacuum technology so you’re now not only removing with that diamond tip, you’re going to not only fluff away that dead, dry skin but you’re going to use that vacuum technology and pull the old skin away from the surface.

revit vacuum suction

What you reveal and what you have done is something really remarkable because you’ve now told your body I am out with the old and I need new.

Most microderm tools are really expensive. Let’s be honest here. I love that this is coming from the worldwide leader in at-home beauty devices but still under a hundred bucks. I mean that’s just crazy.

You don’t have to change the filters after each treatment. If you’re doing this a couple of times a week, change it out once a week.

You’re gonna use this a couple of times a week when you first get it home. It is a corded device, that’s what you want because you do want that sustained energy.

It’s a professional system that is super easy to use. You can’t mess this up. It’s one button operation.

One button turns it on, you have a low setting by pressing it once or you can go ahead and kick it up into high gear by pressing it twice.

All you are gonna do is hold that skin taut and you are simply going to glide your ReVit along your skin surface and keep it moving. Very simple, very easy.

10 to 15 minutes for the entire face, the entire neck. I love to do my hands, one of the first places where we show those signs of aging. And of course the body.

You get all the tools to do it all

Now I want to open this very quickly and show you inside because with this microdermabrasion kit, you don’t have any downtime. As a matter of fact, I do my microdermabrasion an hour before I go out. No problem, a little bit of pinkness, which is what I want because it lets me know that is working.

You’re getting three tips. You get that precision tip for those little nooks and crannies in and around the nose, the eye. You get that fine tip for your everyday or all over use.

And then you get that coarse tip. Great for that dead, dry, winter skin, great for the backs of the arms where you might have that rough texture.

Take a look inside! I want you to see what has literally come off of my face. It’s quite embarrassing but I gotta show you this. This is how the filter looks before and after:

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I do this often and what we all don’t realize is how much buildup we have on our skin at all times. Especially as we start getting older. Our cellular turnover completely slows down.

I went to get a facial not too long ago as a gift certificate somebody gave me and the woman said to me: you have a lot of buildup! I was like I use all these cool products and I still had all this buildup.

If you run your finger right under your chin, you can kind of feel all of that congestion in the skin, maybe you get the blackheads around the nose, maybe you see how those pores are just looking bigger and bigger as you get older.

You got to get the gunk and the junk off your skin!

All you’re gonna do is start with clean, dry skin, you’re gonna hold the skin taut and you’re gonna move the device in that upward direction.

What you’re revealing when you take all that dead, dulling skin off, you probably have really great, radiant skin, just you don’t know it, because we all have layers and layers of that dead, dull skin.

So instead of using an exfoliant or an acid, some things that are very harsh on the skin, how about trying that gentle suction with that tip and really just go into town.

I love the right strength of this one because it’s not deep vacuum that’s pulling the skin off my face.

You are gonna see five star reviews, after five star reviews, after five star reviews. And the reason why is because of this:

silkn revit before after

microdermabrasion before after

Look at the radiance in their skin. If you have uneven skin tone, if you had problematic skin in the past and you’re dealing with all of that problems, this is what you get in one and two months.

Look at the difference in the skin after using the ReVit. The difference in the skin tone, in the skin texture, that radiance! Look at how they have brightened up their skin.

If you’re looking in the mirror every day and you’re asking yourself why do I always look tired, why does my skin look sallow, why are my pores getting bigger and bigger? Because you’re not cleaning out the gunk!

Until I got introduced to this, I couldn’t figure out what’s the problem. I’m using my power brush in the shower, I’m doing all these great things, why do I still have that lackluster skin, why do my cosmetics, when I put them on, look cakey and chalky?

Because once you hit that big 40 mark and believe me I’m past that, you are sitting in dead skin cells for up to 90 days! So you have 90 days worth of buildup on your body.

What do you think why your lotions, potions and creams are not absorbing and soaking in? It’s not because they’re not amazing or not working or they stopped working.

For something to be true microdermabrasion, you need to have exfoliation and suction and you’re getting that with this device. You’re getting the gentle suction but you’re also getting the diamond tips in there. So you’re getting that gentle moving, breaking down of those dead dull skin cells that basically dull your look, that basically make your skin look lackluster.

This is gonna go ahead and reveal the fantastic skin you have. And there’s no downtime and that’s a big thing. If you were to go to a spa, chances are you’d have to take a couple of hours off or you’d have to rest or sleep on it, just to get back to work. This is zero downtime!

I’m a busy mom, this is no appointments, this is yours!

We are talking about a company with the same scientists, dermatologists, inventors and doctors that invented a lot of these treatments in these offices. They took those treatments and brought them home. They made them affordable for everyone.

What you are going to do here is you are going to remove a blocker and that blocker is what is not allowing your stuff to sink in, it’s what’s not allowing that fresh skin to come out.

You tell your body I need new cell turnover, I need new fresh skin.

I really love the fact that everything is just so easy, because let’s face it, if it’s not easy, you’re not doing it. Simple, easy, one button!

You get the carry case, everything goes along with you, I travel with mine, it does come with a double warranty.


I’m telling you, if you have struggled with problematic skin in your past and you have the damage left to show for it, it is the number one reason for microdermabrasion. If you go to a dermatologist office, they will tell you that because you have to get rid of the old skin cells to replace them with new.

I’m not gonna tell you you’re gonna look 15 again. It’s a wonderful product but it can’t do miracles. However, doesn’t matter what age you are, you have to be exfoliating.

When we were younger, our cellular turnover happens naturally. That’s why we always look so good when we were young. As we started getting older and I started noticing in my 30s (they say it starts happening in your 20s), it starts slowing down. When you’re in your 40s, 50s, 60, and 70s, forget it!

Try this out. It’s a gentle way to exfoliate because you get that suction as well, so it helps break down that dead skin, really revealing the great skin you have already.

Your serums, your potions, your lotions, your eye creams, all of that is gonna work so much better. The money you spent on those creams, it’s gonna be money well spent because all of a sudden they’ll be penetrating, they’ll be working better.

I hope you try it out. It’s true microdermabrasion. When you hear people say it’s a microderm cream, it’s that type of thing, it really isn’t. It has to have suction and exfoliation to do microdermabrasion.

I can guarantee you that you cannot walk into any office, get microdermabrasion done and walk out of there for under $100.

Click here to buy + free shipping!

This is such a phenomenal value for you to take control. We all have the same objective, we all want to look better, we all want to feel better, we want to focus on ourselves and make our lives so much easier.

This is something that you can do once or twice a week and see tremendous change in your skin.

It’s gentle. A lot of microdermabrasion tools are really rough on the skin and for a lot of people that’s good, but I don’t want anything rough on my skin.

You need gentle exfoliation, you don’t want to beat up your skin, it’s very delicate.

Try this out today!

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Best At Home Microdermabrasion Machine

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