Best Facial Cleansing Device – FOREO Luna 3

To make sure your skin remains super clear, in today’s article we are going to be highlighting the FOREO Luna 3 – the best facial cleansing device.

I absolutely love FOREO brand. I feel like they are one of the only brands to master skincare devices that absolutely deep cleanse your skin without being too abrasive.

Their skincare devices are super gentle, which is really important to me, because I don’t have extremely sensitive skin, but I do have a little bit of sensitive skin. I tend to get a lot of redness and bumps if something is too abrasive.

FOREO Luna 3 Review

best facial cleansing device

I love that I can get a deep cleanse with their devices but still super gentle.

I’m excited to share with you how I actually use this facial cleansing device.

After the gym or any hard work, you’re sweaty, your pores can get super clogged if you do not take good care of your skin. What’s great about this device is you can actually keep it in your gym bag and take it with you to the gym and do it there.

This device is so small and compact and it’s very travel friendly.

Ever since I’ve been using this I can see such a difference in my skin.

Before I was using this device, I noticed that other skin care devices I would use were way too abrasive. I would have to only use them once a week and then when I did use them I would get a lot of redness and bumps on my skin.

They were just way too abrasive.

But having this device has really helped my pores stay clean. I have combination oily skin, so my pores are very prone to being clogged. With that being said, I need to take extra measures and extra steps to make sure I don’t get extreme blackheads.

Using this tool really helps to keep those blackheads to a minimum, really helps to keep my pores cleansed and just keep my skin glowing. I’ve noticed huge difference.

Let me give you a little close-up of this amazing facial cleansing device.

The FOREO Luna 3 device is great because it comes in three different options. It comes in normal, sensitive and combination.

One thing that really sold me on this device was seeing Chrissy Teigen obsessed with this tool as well. As soon as I saw she loved it (and she has amazing skin, every time I’ve seen her skin I’m always wondering what does she do) and that she was obsessed with this, I was like “I need to try it!”

Other than that, another thing that really sold me on this was that they actually have an app that you can connect this device to.

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This tool connects super-easy. It literally connects within two seconds.

One thing that I really loved is you can actually set a timer for your device and it will not turn off until that time is done. The least amount of time you can set the timer to is 60 seconds.

What I love about that is it actually forces me to do the whole 60-second skincare rule. I know that the 60 second skin cleansing rule has been a little bit of a trend, but it’s not just a trend. It really makes a difference in your skin.

I love that this connects to the app because it forces me to stick to that 60-second skincare rule. It’s super important to wash your face for at least 60 seconds. You’re not even giving your cleanser enough time to clean out your pores if you’re not using it for 60 seconds.

Any time I don’t wash my skin long enough or I don’t use this device I would get random little whiteheads and a lot more pimples. I’m not the type that gets a lot of acne but I will get a few pimples here and there. This has really helped to minimize blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, everything.

The app also gives you access to facial massage techniques, which is fantastic and you can locate your device if you lose it. I know some people tend to lose certain items and because this is a little bit of a smaller device, if you lose it, you can easily locate it on the app. That’s really cool.

What I love about this device is it’s super hygienic. You’re not gonna have to worry about any bacterial build-up like you would with a traditional bristle brush.

This is super convenient because you’re not gonna have to worry about replacing a brush head.

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How Do I Use FOREO Luna 3


Here is how I use this skin cleansing device.

I’m starting with applying cleanser to the pulsating device. I honestly cannot tell you how good this feels. Anytime I use this I feel like I’m really getting in my skin and cleaning everything out.

I use intensity level 4. I’m gonna slowly work my way up on the intensity scale, maybe go to five next week. I started off slow a few weeks ago. I’ve started off with level two and now I’m at four and I really love how the four feels.

You can 100% use this tool day and night because it’s not abrasive. It’s so gentle.

After I’ve done the entire face, I do tend to focus the other half of the remaining seconds on the t-zone, so the nose and the chin area because that’s where I tend to get most of my clogged pores and my blackheads.

I make sure I hold it on my nose for a good amount of time. What’s great about the FOREO Luna 3 is that you can go right in that crease of your nose. That crease of the nose tends to get forgotten a lot of times. The tool can go right in there.

What’s great about this tool as well as it is completely waterproof so you can actually take it in the shower with you which is what I normally do.

Next I go on my app and go to settings and I’m going to change the intensity down to 2. I’m going to use the other side of the device to apply my serum.

You may be wondering isn’t the device wet because I just used it. No, it literally dries so fast and it is because it’s made of silicone.

The reason why I like to apply my serum with a device is because I’ve heard a lot of skincare experts and dermatologists say how you really need to press your serum into your pores and you can’t just glide it on it.

What’s great about the FOREO Luna 3 is it really massages the serum directly into your pores so that it can really penetrate.

In the end, I apply my favorite moisturizer and some SPF.

Key Features:

  • LUNA 3’s brush head is 30% larger than LUNA 2.
  • LUNA 3 has 30% longer touch points so you can reach deeper into your pores and cleanse your skin better than ever before.
  • LUNA 3 has 25% softer touch points so you can have the gentlest facial cleansing ever.
  • 16 different intensities so you can power up the T-Sonic pulsations or tone them down.
  • 35x more hygenic than nylon bristle brushes.
  • Firming massage routine is built into the app.
  • 650 uses from a single charge.
  • Smart design is 100% waterproof.

best cleansing tool for face

There are four massage treatments:

  • Eyes On The Prize (2 mins), firming eye and brow massage to reduce fine lies, crow’s feet and puffiness.
  • Nothing But Neck (2 mins), tighten and firm you neck.
  • Contour Crazy (4 mins), sculpt your face by targeting the cheek and jaw bone.
  • Magic Mouth (2 mins), target nasolabial lines.

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What I Really Love About The Best Facial Cleansing Device?

It does a great job speeding up my cleansing process.

The bristles are so soft and gentle that I could use it every night without any problem.

The face massager feature is awesome because it makes my jaw line look like I got a face lift. I’m amazed how the face massager perks my skin up.

It is awesome that you can personalize the intensity of your routine. The result is skin that feels unbelievably clean.

The first time I used the Luna 3, I was very happy about two things.

First, the silicone bristles and vibrations were very gentle. Second, it was the first time after many months that my skin actually felt squeaky-clean.

My face seemed brighter and more awake, with less fine lines visible.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about the FOREO Luna 3. If you are interested, use this link to purchase it. You also get free delivery.


Best Facial Cleansing Device – FOREO Luna 3

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