10 Best Korean Beauty Products

Today I’ve selected the best Korean beauty products that are must know, must try. I hope you love them as much as I do.

10 Best Korean Beauty Products

  1. Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser
  2. Harumada Triple Balance Morning Cleansing Pad
  3. Whamisa Organic Flowers Olive Leaf Mist
  4. Liz K First C Serum
  5. Make P:Rem Hydrate Me Micro Tension Cream
  6. Blithe Gold Apricot Pressed Serum
  7. J.One Red Jelly Pack
  8. Jullai Super 12 Bounce Oil in Mask
  9. Leegeehaam Grow Tea Trea 70 Spot Treatment
  10. Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask

The first product is one of my favorite cleansers. It is the Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser.


What I love about this is the texture. It is something that I’ve never seen before. You’ll see a bouncy, gel-like texture. Because of this bouncy texture, it kind of hugs the face, so you can actually not only use it as a cleanser but also a 5-minute mask.

Cleansing is so important in Korean skincare, they are obsessed with cleansing.

Lately in Korea I’ve been seeing a lot of cleansing pads. Harumada Triple Balance Morning Cleansing Pad is a multitasker. It helps to cleanse, brighten and also hydrate the skin.


This I think is super innovative because it has everything in one little pad with a cleansing agent, hydrating agent. It also helps to brighten the skin.

It’s such an easy, convenient way to do your cleansing routine.

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So we’ve cleanse the face and now we want to move on to the toning step, which is where you balance your skin and also hydrate at the same time.

Whamisa Organic Flowers Olive Leaf Mist is really interesting because you could actually see a beautiful olive leaf in little bottle.


It’s because the olive leaf is actually fermented and therefore it actually activates really well with other ingredients such as aloe and chrysanthemum.

Next is the Liz K First C Serum. When I first heard about this serum, it was because it was an absolute phenomenon in Korea. I think they sold 10 million bottles of this vitamin C.


All you need is a dropper because a little goes a long way and it has over 13% of ascorbic acid. I love that the bottle is also very tiny so that you use it up within a certain time frame before the vitamin C starts to oxidize.

It’s really that go to serum I love to pick up anytime I need that extra boost of radiance.

This is one of my favorite moisturizers. It’s Make P:Rem Hydrate Me Micro Tension Cream.


It’s a beautiful whipped gel texture that just really glides on the skin, absorbs like a dream, but leaves it really hydrated and bouncy.

The great thing is it kind of works for all skin types.

Next is is the Blithe Gold Apricot Pressed Serum. Talking about interesting textures, this is another one of those moisturizers that has a really unique texture.


I still remember the day I first got a sample of this and I was like “is this Vaseline?” It looks like Vaseline, feels like it in a way, but it’s not sticky and that’s the magic.

It absorbs right into the skin but what it does it leaves this beautiful, very subtle glow.

J.One Red Jelly Pack is a multitasking makeup gripper and mask.


The main ingredient in this is red algae. Red algae is an ingredient that actually flamingos eat and what gives them their beautiful pink color.

But also red algae is an incredibly powerful antioxidant. It apparently has 6,000 times antioxidant capacity of vitamin C. This is my favorite makeup gripper/primer. What I love about this is it’s a true multitasker. It helps to hydrate and brighten.

But the magic happens when you apply either your sunscreen or your makeup over this texture because it will grip everything in.

Next item is a sheet mask. This my favorite sheet mask from a brand called Jullai and this is called the Super 12 Bounce Oil in Mask.


What I’ve seen trending in Korea is a lot of the products are hybrids. I think women are demanding for more and more multitaskers that do beyond just one function.

This is one of those where oil is infused to give that extra nourishment but there are other botanical extracts for hydration as well.

What I love about this is that it comes in two parts. A lot of the times I read reviews where some people are saying ‘my sheet must have perfectly fit onto my skin, it’s not contouring, it’s fluffing, I can’t multitask.’ This one addresses your concern because it will adhere to your skin perfectly.

The next product is Leegeehaam Grow Tea Tree 70 Spot Treatment. Leegeehaam was one of the first cosmetic dermatologist in Korea and his dermatology practice is incredibly well known, especially for treating acne.


This syringe inspired product is actually really fun to use. You always feel like a doctor when using this.

You press the cylinder from the bottom and you have a little bit that comes out on the tip, which you take and you apply to any troubled areas.

Unlike some of the other spot treatments that are typically used, this one feels like a gel but at the same time it just absorbs into the skin very quickly.

If you have oily skin, this is your perfect formula because it’s not going to leave anything that feels suffocating for your spots or even pores.

Last but not least is this sleeping mask. It is Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask.


The jar was inspired by an actual avocado. You can feel the texture. I really love the grip of an avocado when you hold on to it.

It contains four different types of avocado, including avocado flesh, avocado oil, avocado butter and avocado extract. And also a plethora of amazing ingredients, including manuka honey from New Zealand and PHA.

The PHA is the next generation acid. It’s a very gentle exfoliator. There are so many products that have PHA infused, whether it is just an exfoliator but also moisturizer. I’ve seen cleansers with PHA. It is really the best ingredient to a gentle approach when it comes to exfoliation.

For those of you that have sensitive skin, PHA could be your best friend to resurface the skin, retexturize and give that bright, smoothing effect without any concern of irritation or redness.

10 Best Korean Beauty Products

10 Best Korean Beauty Products

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