Droplette Review (Before and After)

Here I’m talking about another at-home skincare device that delivers key skin care ingredients 20 times deeper than traditional skin care.

This is the Droplette.

The Droplette is a one minute micro infusion treatment that transforms serums into a powerful micro mist to go 20 times deeper than traditional skin care.

The Droplet retails for $299.

at-home-treatment-that-infuses-active-ingredients -deep-into-skin

The future of skin care is here. I’m all about skin care devices, I have reviewed so many here on my website.

A micro infusion serum treatment is something that I’ve never even thought of and as I began learning more about micro infusion treatments in the skin, the more I needed to know.

So what the Droplet does is it actually transforms your serums into a micro mist that travel deep into the skin up to 20 times deeper without damaging the skin, disrupting any cells and delivers key ingredients deep in the skin rather than just sitting on top of the skin.

You may have heard that up to 90% of skincare products that we apply on the skin literally just sit on the skin.

The more that you start to understand skin and skin carem the more that you realize it’s a constant battle and trying to hack your skin and get those active ingredients deep enough where they actually make a difference,

What the Droplette device does is it miniaturizes serums and then not only makes them small enough to penetrate deep into the skin, but it also provides a force of velocity that blows it into the skin that is similar to micro needling.

I actually used to do micro needling, but it is not something that I recommend anymore. The human hand just can’t apply constant pressure, it can be dangerous, you can rupture the skin.

It’s just not for me.

The fact that the Droplette can deliver key skin care ingredients deep into the skin without a needle si really great.

They say that the Droplette is a needleless infusion system. You’re getting those ingredients deep into the skin without rupturing, breaking or damaging the skin.

The really cool thing about the Droplette is that it was actually originally designed in the medical field by two MIT trained scientists.

They originally designed the Droplette in the medical field to deliver ingredients through the skin without a needle. Also without damaging, disrupting or hurting the skin.

Like all good devices that often start in the medical field, the Droplette has made its way to us.


The Droplette device does come with its own capsules full of serum. Unfortunately you’re not able to use your own serum. You do have to use the Droplette serums and the Droplette device comes with a choice of three different serums:

0.15% retinol capsule targeted at fine lines and wrinkles

10% collagen capsule to hydrate and firm

8% glycolic acid capsule to clear, brighten and even skin texture

What I have is the 30 pack mix of glycolic retinol and collagen capsules. This retails for $79 and this is actually part of a subscription.

What you would do is subscribe and once a month for $79 you get a 30 pack in the mail.

The only thing that I’m not totally sold on is the monthly subscription. Like I said, $79 is pretty expensive and over the course of a year that would run you a thousand dollars.

A thousand dollars for a dedicated serum treatment!

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You can also buy a 12 pack of serums, which retails for $39. That still is quite pricey for a 12 pack.

We’re really gonna have to give this a go before we address the whole capsule situation. I also want to mention the capsules are recyclable. They provide a bag with shipping, you collect all your little pouches and you send them back.

The collagen capsule not only promotes plumpness and firmness over time but also stimulates collagen. It also includes sodium PCA and also peptides.


What you do is you put the little capsule right in device, you pop it in, you do hear a little sond so you know it’s in there. You close the little trap door on top.

There’s an on button just on the side.

Now you just glide the device along the skin, starting on one cheek to chin. It’s going to take a little pause and then you move to the other side.

This does have a nice little rose scent, not super overpowering. Feels so hydrating. It feels more therapeutic than anything.

The fact that this is going 20 times deeper similar to micro needling (this doesn’t feel anything like micro needling), it’s also so much safer.

The human hand just can’t apply even and constant pressure using a micro needle device, not even a professional in a spa.

When it comes to micro needling, I’m just a no-go.

This device is just perfect. It is done in one minute. Who doesn’t have one minute to deliver key ingredients deep into the skin.

We can use the device again and go on the neck.

I do find that sometimes you have to shake the device a little bit and that helps to get a little bit of extra product out. I don’t want to waste any drops.

A minute goes by pretty quick. There is a little bit of luminosity, a little bit of glow to my skin. It’s not that typical deep hydration, that deep quenching hydration, because those ingredients are going into the skin rather than sitting on top like a typical serum or a lotion, where you get a little bit of dew from the actual product left on your skin.

These ingredients are actually infused into the skin. After using the Droplette, my skin definitely is more luminous. It does look like I have applied something just not as luminous or as glossy as you may expect.

Droplette Before and After



I have seen some reviews where people say my skin doesn’t look hydrated, it doesn’t look dewy. That’s because those ingredients are deep in the skin and not sitting on your skin. That’s a good thing!

I really think of the Droplette as a treatment step in my skincare routine to specifically target either uneven skin texture, discoloration, acne or for plumping the skin and hydrating the skin with the collagen capsule.

I really love how Droplette. It has merged micro mist infusion technology along with the perfect velocity to get that serum deep into my skin.

It’s a beautifully well-designed device with a really unique perspective and it’s definitely something that I could get behind.

I have heard that Droplette is going to be developing more capsules as well for any different skin type that you can think of, like rosacea, eczema, all kinds of different capsules, which I do think is a necessity.

The company offers the device in four different colors, so I can see that as the market moves on, this device is definitely going to keep growing.

Like I said the only con that I can think of is the subscription model or the price of the capsules.

I know that this technology is new, it’s innovative and it’s really effective. However, $79 a month is quite the investment on top of the $300 investment of the device.

Although if you love skincare and that fits within your budget, I guess it’s a done deal.

I love technology, I love skin care devices, I love at home treatments, so the fact that the Droplette has found its way into my skincare routine really it’s a no-brainer.

Droplette Review (Before and After)

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