Foreo UFO Smart Mask Treatment Review

A whole new way to mask!

The future of facial masking is here with Foreo UFO Smart Mask device! It brings you advanced skin technologies and Korean formulas for effective skin treatment in just 90 seconds.

FOREO UFO - Welcome To A Whole New Way To Mask

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Foreo UFO Smart Mask Treatment Review

Today we’re talking about one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite skincare device of all time!

I know that’s a bold statement but it’s true. Today we’re comparing the differences between the Foreo UFO and the Foreo UFO 2.

Recently Foreo launched their new UFO 2.

Of course I’ve been using the Foreo UFO. I have been loving it, I’ve been using it well over six months. At this point I use it several times a week.

Today’ I am going to highlight the features of the UFO, we’re going to compare them against the features of the UFO 2. I’m going to do a side-by-side comparison. I’m going to answer all your questions.

This is going to be the only article that you need to read when comparing the UFO to the UFO 2.

Let’s dive right into comparing the differences between the Foreo UFO and the Foreo UFO 2.

Foreo UFO vs UFO 2

Both the Foreo UFO and Foreo UFO 2 offer the same categories of facial treatments and these categories is what I’m going to be using to compare the 1 with the two.

These four categories are:

  • led therapy
  • thermotherapy
  • cryotherapy and
  • T-sonic pulsations

Although they offer the same skin treatments, the UFO 2 is a tech upgrade to the UFO.

So what it does is it takes those categories of facial treatments and just kind of turns up the knob and offers you more.

So let’s take a look at each device and see how they compare.

This is the original Foreo UFO smart mask device in pearl pink:

foreo ufo smart mask treatment

The device has a beautiful gold detailing on the front. It’s made of ultra hygienic silicone that is soft to the touch, it feels so luxurious and so smooth.

The Foreo UFO retails for $199. Buy here.

This is the Foreo UFO 2 smart mask device in mint:


This also has the same gorgeous gold detailing. It’s made of the same hygienic silicone and is also extremely soft to the touch. The UFO 2 retails for $279. Buy here.

So $79 more than the UFO.

What Comes

Both the Foreo UFO and Foreo UFO 2 devices are the exact same size.

If I didn’t have them in different colors, I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.

They’re both USB rechargeable and 100% waterproof.

Both the UFO and UFO 2 device come with the same thing in the box.

You get the UFO device itself, you also get a little display stand that just makes it so handy. It also comes with the charging cord, USB rechargeable. It also comes with a sheet mask inside.

So both the UFO and UFO 2 come with the exact same accessories.

Now that we’ve established that the UFO and UFO 2 look the same and they come with the exact same things in the box, let’s get into the good stuff and talk about the tech inside of each device.

Although they look the same, the two does have some upgraded technology.

Let’s talk all about it.

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Foreo UFO vs UFO 2

The first part of technology that we’re going to talk about inside of the UFO is what Foreo is most well known for and that’s their T-sonic pulsations.

This is 10 000 pulsations a minute that penetrate deep into the skin into a cellular level. These T-sonic pulsations not only help the absorption of creams and serums, like you’re using with the mask, but it’s also going to help relax your face, almost like a facial massage to help reduce wrinkles and really smooth out fine lines.

Whether you purchase the original UFO or the UFO 2, both of these devices have the same T-sonic pulsation technology and through the app you can actually control the T-sonic pulsations, turn them up, turn them down, essentially making both devices the same.

So in that category, they’re the same.

The next comparison we’re going to talk about is the thermotherapy and the cryotherapy setting.

Both UFO devices do heat up to 45 degrees celsius.

Thermotherapy opens up your pores and allows for a deeper penetration of the serums that you’re using in the advanced sheet mask.

It also helps to loosen up sebum on the skin, giving you a more radiant complexion, really helping to draw out all of those dirts and oils and really break them down.

Although both the UFO devices do have thermotherapy, what sets the UFO 2 apart from the UFO is that the UFO 2 heats up five times faster.

You might be thinking, if they heat up to the same temperature, is it really worth the extra money to have it heat up five times faster?

In my opinion, the real benefit that I find in the five times faster is that because the treatment is only 90 seconds, having it heat up to that optimal temperature five times faster, means that you’re getting the most out of your treatment in that 90 seconds.

In 90 seconds, every second counts, so when this heats up five times faster, that means that you’re getting more of the optimal benefits earlier on in the treatment rather than waiting for it to heat up.

Now, it’s not like the UFO takes a really long time to heat up anyway, but I definitely can tell a difference with the UFO 2. It heats up almost instantly.

Not a huge difference, but when you’re only working with 90 seconds, having it heat up five seconds faster does make a difference.

When it comes to cryotherapy, which helps to minimize pores, reduce puffiness, lift and firm the skin, both the UFO and UFO 2 both have cryotherapy.

The UFO 2 does have that flash cryotherapy, so it actually cools off faster to that five degrees celsius faster than the original UFO.

So my thoughts on this are the same as thermotherapy.

Foreo UFO use

Both devices do the exact same thing, although the UFO 2 just takes you there a little bit faster, meaning that you’re going to get the most out of your 90 second treatment.

I wouldn’t say that that alone would make me upgrade to the UFO 2, because the original UFO does do the same thing, but because the UFO 2 does maximize the advanced mask collection, I feel like if i’m already buying the advanced mask collection, I want them to work as fast and as best as possible.

Next up this is where things start to get very interesting and in my opinion this is the biggest difference between the UFO and the UFO 2.

That is the LED light technology.

Both of these devices do offer LED light treatments.

The UFO offers the three most basic: red, green and blue LED treatments.

However the UFO 2 offers eight LED light treatments. In my opinion totally worth the upgrade. That’s five extra LED light treatments.

The reason why I love LED lights so much in my skin care routine is with consistent use over time, LED lights are thought to penetrate the skin at all various levels, causing different skin reactions.

Different wavelengths or different LED light colors work differently on different cells in the skin. They provide different levels of energy and do different things in the skin.

So getting those five extra LED lights in the UFO 2 makes that skin treatment that much more powerful.

The original UFO contains three LED lights.

It contains red LED, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to firm and lift your skin.

It contains the blue LED light, which minimizes imperfection, destroys acne bacteria to stop breakouts.

It also contains green LED, which can help diminish dark spots and other discolorations, even out the skin tone and brighten a dull complexion.

The UFO 2 also has these LEDs.

But it also has white LED, which is the longest wavelength and reaches deepest into the skin out of any color. It tightens and tones the skin.

It also has purple LED, which is a combination of red and blue that help eliminate toxins, get rid of bacteria and boost radiance for the skin.

It also has orange LED, which helps with sun damage as well as revitalizes the skin.

Yellow LED improves overall skin tone.

And lastly cyan LED that can help reduce the size of swollen capillaries and also has been proven to promote skin healing.

When it comes to LED therapy and customizing your perfect color, with the original UFO, you can control the colors and you can actually turn any color you want.

However on the UFO 2, there is a color wheel, which is way more intuitive. You can get the perfect color that you want. All you have to do is drag your finger and pick the perfect color.

When it comes to customization, the UFO 2 definitely wins hands down.

Because I am such a big LED light fan, when it comes to skin care and including it in your skin care routine, that’s honestly my favorite part when it comes to the Foreo UFO.

That LED light therapy, the daily, weekly, or bi-weekly use of the UFO, providing that light treatment, really is so beneficial for your skin.

In my opinion, out of everything we’ve talked about so far, the upgrade in LED light technology and how user friendly the app is for the UFO 2, that in my opinion is the real upgrade.

foreo UFO 2 use

My final thoughts on the Foreo UFO versus the Foreo UFO 2, which one should you get, which one should you add into your skincare routine, let’s talk about the comparisons one more time.

When it comes to T-sonic pulsations, both UFOs have the same t-sonic pulsations and you can control both of them through the app. So effectively in that category they’re the same.

They both have thermotherapy and cryotherapy, but the UFO 2 heats up and cools down five times faster. So that is gonna maximize your face mask treatment, you’re gonna get the most out of 90 seconds. You’re still going to get there with the original UFO, but you’re just going to get there a little bit faster and stay there a little bit longer with the UFO 2.

The biggest difference in my opinion between the original UFO and the UFO 2 is the LED light technology.

Because the UFO 2 has those 5 additional wavelengths, you are going to get even more out of your skin care treatment than you do with the classic UFO.

For some1 like myself who loves LED lights in their skin care routine, that’s worth the upgrade for me. If you’re not so much into LED technology, using the original UFO with just the red, green and blue light is still going to work amazing for you.

My final opinion is definitely include the Foreo UFO into your skincare routine. It’s honestly been transforming to my skin.

Click here to buy Foreo UFO or click here to buy Foreo UFO 2.

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Foreo UFO Smart Mask Treatment Review

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