LED Light Therapy For Skin (BEST LED Facial Treatment)

LED light therapy for skin is used by men and women of all ages, from moms and baby boomers to celebrities including Cher, J Lo and Madonna.

Today I’m going to tell you about the DPL IIa red light therapy system.

LED Light Therapy For Skin

It is an FDA approved, over-the-counter class II medical device scientifically proven to calm mild to moderate acne and help reduce and repair fine lines and wrinkles and fade age spots.

You can also use the system to help with pain recovery and speed heal injuries, which I’ll explain shortly.

But first let me tell you how the four types of light-emitting diodes in the DPL IIa red light system work.

They include red, infrared, amber and blue LEDs that offer three powerful settings.

LED Light Therapy For Skin Settings

Setting 1 activates the red infrared and amber LEDs to help repair and prevent wrinkles, fade age spots and calm inflammation. This setting can also be used for pain recovery, such as lower back aches, arthritis, sore joints, pulled muscles, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetic wounds, burns, post laser redness and athletic injuries.

red light skin therapy

Setting 2 consists of blue LEDs that help combat acne causing bacteria to help prevent mild to moderate acne and keep blemishes in check. This setting can also be used by teens.

blue light therapy for acne

Setting 3 activates all four colors of LEDs: red, infrared, amber and blue. This setting can be used by those with oily or acne-prone skin with wrinkles and age spots.

red blue infrared light therapy

Now here’s how the colorful LEDs work. By the way, LED stands for light emitting diodes.

LEDs provide wavelengths of light that are measured in nanometers. These wavelengths penetrate deeply into all levels of the skin, reaching deep down to the dermis and go even deeper down to the bone.

In fact many athletes use red light therapy to speed heal injuries, such as torn muscles and broken bones with faster recovery time.

Estheticians, dermatologists and celebrities use the DPL IIa red light therapy system for wrinkle reduction and acne.

The beauty of the system is that it offers 262 LEDs. The wavelengths emitted by the LEDs are not UVA or UVB so they will not burn or tan your skin and will not harm your eyes, which I’ll explain in a moment.

But first let me show you what each color spectrum can do.

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LED Light Therapy For Skin Spectrum

Let’s begin with the red LEDs.

They offer light wavelengths that reach deep down through all levels of the skin, from the epidermis all the way down to the dermis to repair collagen and elastin, which smooths and prevents lines and wrinkles.

You get a total of 68 red LEDs that emit wavelengths at 632 to 660 nanometers.

Next you get 92 infrared LEDs at wavelengths of 880 nanometers. They offer the most powerful skin penetration of all colors in the LED spectrum. They speed the skin’s healing process and stimulate natural collagen and elastin production in all layers of the skin.

And infrared also increases circulation to quickly repair damaged cells resulting from aging skin injuries swelling or inflammation.

Next you get 32 amber LEDs that offer wavelengths of 530 nanometers. The amber wavelengths give the skin a youthful glow, help fade age spots faster and calm the redness of rosacea, burns or inflammation from retin-a, laser treatments or chemical peels.

And lastly you get 70 blue LEDs at wavelengths of 440 nanometers that destroy acne causing bacteria and reduce swelling.

The DPL IIa offers two sleek lightweight iPad-like panels that fold open to cover approximately eight by thirteen inches so you can treat your entire face in one fast eight minute treatment.

Within weeks your skin will look and feel younger and for pain recovery or healing of wounds, use it for just 17 minutes once or twice a day.

Now let me show you how fast and easy the system is to operate.

Using LED Light Therapy For Skin

anti aging light therapy

First, plug the cord into the two panel system. What’s great about this cord is it’s over ten feet long so whether you’re using it in a professional office or at home you can easily reach your treatment area.

To activate the settings, press the power button once. This activates the red, infrared and amber LEDs for skin rejuvenation, smoothing wrinkles, fading age spots and calming inflammation. Use this setting for eight or 17 minutes. You’ll also use this setting for pain management and recovery.

Press the button twice to activate the blue acne setting for eight minutes a day.

Press the button three times to activate the red, infrared, amber and blue setting for those with acne prone skin and wrinkles and sun damage.

If you want to treat many areas of the body, please be sure to allow the panels to cool for five minutes between each treatment.

To use the red light system on your face, you can hold it up to your face, like this:

LED Facial Treatment

Just keep it about a quarter inch away from your skin or you can place the panels on the stand and you can put your face in front of the panels while it sits on a table.

Just make sure your skin is washed clean and free of all products or makeup to ensure that you don’t hinder the penetration of the rays. Also be sure to keep your eyes closed when the lights are on the face. These rays are very bright but will not harm your eyes. You do not need to wear goggles. However if you’re ultra sensitive to bright lights, you’ll also find a set of goggles in your kit.


LED light therapy for wrinkles

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LED Light Therapy For Skin (BEST LED Facial Treatment)

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