How to Look 10 Years Younger Instantly

Today we’re gonna talk about instant change treatments or how to look 10 years younger instantly.

These are ways for you to instantly and almost immediately improve various beauty or age-related issues and see results literally right away, before your eyes.

Believe it or not these things actually work.

How to Look 10 Years Younger Instantly

So if you want to see an instant change here we go.

There are good things and there are bad things about these instant change products and let’s start off with the good stuff.

The good things about instant change process is that you will get a visible change in minutes. The process I’m gonna reveal to you today have been shown to actually work. You will see a visible change in minutes.

These treatments are typically affordable, they usually don’t cost more than about $70 to $100 dollars, which can be a lot for some people but are nothing compared to some of the really expensive creams that you can buy at department stores and in spas.

They’re usually a bit more affordable and typically most of these you can buy online as well.

These types of instant change treatments are usually best for an event. So if you’ve got a date, if you’ve got a class reunion, if you’ve got a family reunion or a party that you want to go to, if you’re gonna see somebody that you haven’t seen in a long time and they don’t really know how you look and even best, if you’re not gonna see them again for a long time, these can be very nice products to use because by the time they wear off, they’ll be gone and they will not know that you actually don’t look quite like that.

There are some bad things about instant change products too.

They’re not perfect and that’s why not everybody uses them. But let’s go through that because some of these bad things aren’t terrible.

The first thing is that these instant change products typically don’t have a permanent effect. Just because you apply serum under your eyes and the puffiness goes away, unfortunately it’s not gonna stay that way forever.

These products work, you do get that temporary immediate change but they do eventually wear off. That’s why it’s important to combine these types of products with the real anti-aging products as well.

These products can also have side effects to them. Typically they’re not severe side effects, but I’ll mention this in just a little bit, so you want to know that they’re not always perfect.

And you got to consider what are you gonna do when it wears off. Some of these products will wear off in as little as a couple of hours. So if you have a long event and you don’t want to see it wear off halfway during the event, you may want to bring it with you to reapply.

The other thing too is let’s say you wear one of these products before a date. Well, that person was gonna expect that’s how you look. So if there’s a second date, keep in mind that you may want to reapply it for that second date. But at some point this person is gonna see you without this instant change product.

We all hate our cellulite. About 90% of women have cellulite. Women who are really thin can have cellulite, women who are heavier can have cellulite.

Here is a very interesting treatment. It’s called the Adonia Legtone Serum.


There’s no permanent cure for cellulite, but this promises a 47% reduction of cellulite after just nine minutes of application.

You apply it to the thighs or to the buttocks and literally after nine minutes, their studies show a 47% reduction of cellulite.

It does cost $79. It is pretty big package, so it’s a good size that will last a couple months, depending on how often you use it.

What about under eye puffiness?

Under eye puffiness is one of the most common complaints that I get from people as they get older. They complain about puffiness and bags under their eyes. There are a lot of instant de-puffers out there and I’m not going to promote any specific one.

These typically have instant results, within about 3 to 5 minutes. They cost anywhere from $19 to $79 or so per tube.

You apply them to the skin under your eyes and the best way to describe this it’s kind of like the feeling you get if you put Elmer’s glue on your skin and you let that glue dry. The glue will kind of tighten up into a film and it makes the skin feel tighter where the glue is dried on.

These work in a very similar fashion. You apply it as a liquid under the eyes and gradually over the span of a couple of minutes, when that dries, it leaves a tiny little film that will tighten up the skin. It works well but the drawback is that filmy covering.

Some of these products leave more film than others. Some of this film can be more visible and than sometimes it’s difficult to apply makeup over that film because it is quite smooth.

If you have an event and the puffiness under your eyes really bothers you, I encourage you a few days before the event try one of these products because they do work, it’s just that you don’t get that permanent change and you got to keep in mind that makeup may not apply quite the same over it.

What about fine lines and dullness?

There are very interesting products called the Roloxin Lift and Roloxin Lift Gold.


This can help to improve the fine lines on the face, it can help improve the dullness of the face and give you more of a smoother, more of a refined texture to your skin.

It works very differently. What you do is you take the product and you apply it to your skin and it dries into a white powder. After 10 minutes of drying, you rinse the white powder off with some warm water and then after that you can apply your moisturizer and your makeup.

This works immediately after that 10 minutes because it leaves like lattice work of tiny tiny silica particles that will help to smooth the skin and give you a much nicer tone, texture and surface to the skin.

It’s about $10 per application so it’s not super cheap. It is not something that you’d want to use every single day but definitely something that you could consider if you’ve got a good event that you want to go to.

There is also Roloxin Lift Gold. If you’ve ever been to those kind of high-end spas and salons, they are now doing gold facials. A kind of a similar idea here with the Gold.

What about thin lips?

As we get older our lips do get thinner. We do a lot of treatments for thin lips. You can inject Restylane into your lips to help plump the lips. It lasts about 6 to 12 months, depending on how quickly your body metabolizes it, but it is an invasive procedure and it can be somewhat painful.

Here is a nice simple way to do it on your own. To do this without spending a lot of money, all you do is you’d get some peppermint oil from your local health food store and you just get your normal lip gloss.


What you do is you take the top off of your lip gloss and then take one to two drops of the peppermint oil and put it into the lip gloss. Put the top back on and then mix it together. You take the top back off and you apply that gloss onto your lips.

Peppermint oil will create a mild irritation to your lips. It will create a tingling to your lips and that tingling will combine with the moisturizing effects of your lip gloss to get your lips plumper and bigger.

It typically will last several hours. This is something where you don’t want to start with four drops in your gloss right away because if you’ve got sensitive lips, that may not be so comfortable and you may have ruined your lip gloss.

So start with one to two drops and then titrate it, meaning add one drop at a time until you feel it’s comfortable and you get a nice, mild, comfortable tingling sensation that will get your lips bigger.

This is something to bring with you if you’re going for a long event, because you can reapply it later on in the evening and keep those lips nice and plump.

You’re not going to take your lips from being super thin lips to Kylie Jenner lips or Angelina Jolie lips, but you can get a nice enhancement and it’s super easy and simple.

This is one of my favorite little tricks.

If you have a torn or a stretched earlobe, check out Lobe Wonder.


This is an adhesive support patch that you put behind the earlobe and it acts as a support for the earlobe. So you can take an earring, put it through a stretched or even a torn earlobe and you can actually adhere it to the Lobe Wonder.

Even if you have a completely torn lobe, this can often work and allow you to still wear earrings.

If you’ve got a lobe that has been stretched out and you worry about it stretching more, it’s a perfect idea to support your lobe to prevent further stretching.

It’s not that expensive, it’s about seven dollars for a pack of sixty. You can buy this online. It is a very simple little product. I’ve had a number of people tell me that it really works well for them.

Reduce large pores on face!

How to Look 10 Years Younger Instantly

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