Best Microcurrent Facial Device (Face Sculpting Tool)

When skin care and technology merged together, I get very excited.

Today we are reviewing the Foreo Bear microcurrent facial device that takes anti aging to the next level.

microcurrent facial device

In this article I want to give you a full review, how to use the Bear, talk about the app, all of the features. I also want to talk about microcurrent facials in general.

The Foreo Bear smart microcurrent face sculpting tool builds collagen, repairs elastin and visibly lifts and tones the skin, using electrical current.

Microcurrent is something that’s been used at spas for years. Microcurrent can really help to sculpt the jawline, chisel the cheeks and even lift your eyebrows, lift the corners of your face.

What’s really cool with the microcurrent is that right after you do your microcurrent facial, you see immediate results.

Now exactly what’s happening during a microcurrent facial is a small amounts of electricity are delivered from two little nodes deep into the skin, down to the muscle, where it actually stimulates the muscle to produce more collagen, elastin and it stimulates the growth of the muscle to be a lot more contoured.

That’s how we are going to get that lifted appearance.

FOREO BEAR™ as a facial workout

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The easiest way to think about how microcurrent is working, it’s the same as when you go to the gym and lift weights. You get that initial pump, you see that initial swell. That swell is very real and lasts for a couple of hours. Of course a few hours later that pump does go down, but with continued use, if you keep going to the gym, if you keep using your microcurrent facial device, those muscles actually build bigger over time.

So that’s how we are getting a bigger, contoured cheeks, improved jaw line, the lifted eyebrow. What you’re doing is building those muscles from the inside out.

Now the real beauty with microcurrent is the fact that it can stimulate those muscles deep in the skin without damaging the skin.

That’s how we are going to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while also building and repairing the muscle that you naturally lose over time.

What sets the Foreo Bear apart from other microcurrent sculpting tools on the market is Foreo’s t-sonic pulsations. Those t-sonic pulsations are really gonna help to ease facial tension, giving you smoother skin. It also can help with the penetration of whichever serum that you choose to use with the device.

The device feels incredible in your hands. I could just hold on to this all day long.

It’s made from their ultra hygienic silicone, which to me is very important. I’m a little bit of a bacteriophobe.

It’s waterproof and it’s also anti-shock.

Like other Foreo products, the Bear does come with a personalized regime on the app.

The thing that I really like about the Foreo Bear is that you only have to register your device with the app and then you can just turn it on with your hands.

The Bear does come with five intensity settings. By pressing the button in the middle, you can change the intensity by five with a click of the button. With two clicks of the button, you can turn on the t-sonic pulsations.

I personally don’t like to take my phone into the bathroom when I do my skin care routine, so the fact that I can just set my favorite program on my phone and then just use the device itself in the bathroom, that’s perfect for me.

But if you’re someone who loves to follow along with a personalized regime, all you have to do is push start and it literally walks you through the entire routine.

How to Use the Foreo Bear Microcurrent Facial Device

microcurrent facial tool

First you have to wash your face. You can use any face wash that you want as long as it doesn’t contain any oil.

When using a microcurrent device at home, you do have to use some type of conductor. Some type of serum that’s water based. You can use any serum in your skin care routine as long as it’s water based and doesn’t contain any oils.

With my device, I’ve been using the Foreo’s Serum Serum Serum. I love it not only because it’s oil free, but also because it has three different types of hyaluronic acid. So it really draws out moisture back into the skin.

For step one, you are going to apply the serum to your entire skin and then you use the Bear face sculpting tool.

You want to move in sections along your face. You gonna start with the jaw, work your way up the face, eventually to the eyebrow and even along the neck.

Let’s do a little bit of jaw work first.

One click in the back and then two clicks to turn on the t-sonic pulsations and your treatment is ready to go.

Put the device on your jaw, start on the outside and just glide it back and hold it at the top (near your ear) for a couple of seconds. Repeat the process.

You can do this five times, even a couple of times longer. I just like to do a nice slow pass. You can feel it stimulating the muscle and by holding it by the ear, that’s where you gonna help to get that lift action.

After a couple passes on the jaw, move to the lower half of the cheek. Take the device from the laugh line and pull it all the way back to the ear. Again, hold it a little bit at the top to get that lifting action.

Now move to the cheek area. Go from nasolabial folds and give it a nice little hold at the top by your ear.

face sculpting tool

You can feel a little bit of an electric tingle. It’s definitely not a shock, but you can feel something going on.

Lastly move to the forehead and lift these eyebrows. You just take the device and line it up with your eyebrows and pull straight up into the hairline.

You can’t only treat your face without treating your neck. Don’t forget the neck.

Take another pump of the Serum Serum Serum and bring this all the way down the neck. You gonna use the Bear device to help keep your neck tight. Turkey neck is one of the things I’m most terrified when it comes to aging.

Take your device, turn it on again and place it just at the bottom of the neck and glide it all the way up. I actually like to take it over the jaw so that it really gets out muscle to lift up over the jaw and really tighten the neck.

Five passes on the neck will be completely fine. Just make sure that you don’t go over the middle of your neck area. Just stay on the sides.

Complete that exact same process on the other half of the face and neck.

There are more advanced techniques that you can use with the Foreo Bear or any microcurrent facial device at home. These are just the basics of how to use it.

Without a doubt the future of skin care is here. The future of at home skin care treatments is here.

Adding the Foreo Bear microcurrent toning device into your skin care routine can help you build collagen, repair elastin and actually visibly lift your skin.

Considering that most of the signs of aging are associated with that downward pull of gravity, using something like a microcurrent toner like the Foreo Bear can really help to lift those muscles back up, giving you a more youthful appearance.

I’ve been using the Bear for about five weeks now and not only is it fun and I love using it, I definitely feel like I have  more of contour.

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Best Microcurrent Facial Device (Face Sculpting Tool)

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