Microcurrent Facial Wands Comparison (Luce 4T vs. SolaWave)

This article is a comparison of the Luce 4T therapy wand and the SolaWave Wand.

I’m going to break down for you the differences between these wands, and then I’m going to talk about how to use them, and then you can decide which one you think is better for you.

At first glance these wands look very similar, they look like they could be almost identical

They both have microcurrent, they both have red LED light, they both have vibration therapy, and they both have warming therapy.

The biggest difference between these wands is that the Luce wand is $99, and the SolaWave is $149. the

Luce 4T therapy wand

Microcurrent strength is also very different.

The SolaWave is 300 microamps, the Luce wand is 350 microamps, so it’s going to be a more powerful device in terms of microcurrent.

They feel very similar. Luce one feels a little bit lighter. Iit doesn’t feel as sturdy as the SolaWave.

but when you look at the actual heads, you can see that the Luce head is a little bit larger. Also the LED surface area is a little bit bigger on the Luce.

As you’re moving it across your face, you’re getting more LED therapy benefits from Luce device.

They are both handheld devices that you charge up and then you use them wirelessly. That’s very convenient.

They charge up really quickly and they last a really long time.

I find myself very rarely having to charge either of these devices.

I love taking these when I’m traveling,

The head rotates on both of them, so that you can get more targeted results like under your eye area.

You can do that with both of these devices. You can twist it to get more targeted treatment in any area you want.

Both of these wands are anti-aging ones and they combine those four different technologies to give you a more youthful appearance over time.

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Just like any other beauty device, it’s not gonna happen overnight. You need to be consistent with these devices and you can start with as little as five minutes a day, and then work your way up. Use it for longer if you have more time.

I would recommend every other day. I like to give my muscles a day off. I don’t like to use microcurrent every single day because you are working your face muscles like you’re at the gym. So I like to do one day on, one day off with these types of devices.

Just to break down what these four technologies are doing.

Microcurrent is a low-level electrical current that is boosting ATP which is cellular energy.

It’s boosting collagen and elastin and making your skin look more youthful over time. It’s tightening and toning and sculpting muscles. It’s smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

Red led light is treating wrinkles and scars. I have an old acne scar on the left side of my face, so I often tend to focus a little bit more time on that section of my face.

When you’re using the device, it feels really wonderful like a nice massage because it is vibrating. Luce vibrates up to 7000 rpm and it enhances circulation and promotes collagen production.

What the heat therapy is doing is it’s helping to increase blood flow in your face. Keep in mind you can use the device on your neck, but never use microcurrent on your throat or your thyroid.

So you’re using it on your neck, using it on your face and you’re improving circulation.

As you’re working the device around your skin, it helps to push the serum deeper into your skin. You’re getting more benefits from those skin care products.

I find that the facial massage really helps to de-puff my skin as well. If i’m doing the device like I was using a jade roller, I’m able to really de-puff, especially my eye area.

I’m able to smooth out and de-puff my eye area and makes me look so much more glowy and rested and youthful.

The SolaWave does come with its own conducting serum, which you can buy from the website, but the Luce wand does not have a conducting serum or gel. So if you have a gel or a serum from any other microcurrent device, you can use that with this wand.

I always like to use a conducting serum or gel with any microcurrent device that I’m using because I want to make sure that I’m actually getting the benefits of microcurrent.

Also it’s really difficult to glide a wand across your face and your neck if it’s dry. You can use any gel or serum that you already have. You could just use a regular aloe vera gel.

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How to Use

Using the SolaWave wand is actually going to look exactly the same as using the Luce wand.

Because serum does tend to dry out pretty quickly, you can just do one area at a time if you’d like, but I like to just place it all over my face and neck and then re-wet it with my facial spritzer as needed.

You press a little button on the side and rotate the wand counter-clockwise. All you do is you just start to move the wand across your face.

I like to do it in an upward sweeping motion. You can do circles if you’d like.

As you’re pressing it on your skin, it activates, so you’ll feel the vibration. You can see the red light is on and the microcurrent will be active.

You can see the microcurrent because you can see strobing around your eyes. That’s totally
normal with microcurrent.

It will start to warm up and you’ll start to feel the heat, but one thing I wanted to bring up, which is a frequently asked question that I see all the time is, is it working if i don’t feel it.

You will not feel the microcurrent, you will feel the vibration. That’s the only thing you’re going to feel. You’re not going to feel shocks, you’re not going to feel muscle twitching. That’s totally normal.

So many people think if they don’t feel the microcurrent it’s not working.

The Luce $T therapy has an internal circuit chips that can sense sensitivities and auto activate a shock sensor so users won’t feel strong tingling sensations when the microcurrent is functioning properly.

that’s exactly what I would expect. You don’t want to feel any twitching or any muscle contractions. This is a microcurrent device, it is a low level electrical current that’s stimulating ATP.

So don’t worry if you don’t feel it. I’ve never been shocked using this.

You can spend more time in a specific area if you’d like to. I find that the microcurrent helps with my acne, so I do it over that spot a little bit more.

I just work it across my face and I might do some push and holds in my jowls and cheeks area to get some lift and really stimulate those muscles.

Then I get into my forehead area and I work those 11’s. The red led light is helping with wrinkles as well.

Next I will rotate the head and I will do under my eye because i’m always trying to de-puff and de-wrinkle my eyes. I’ll just do one eye at a time. And then I will rotate the head again and I will just work up my neck. I’ll go upward and then sideways, avoiding the throat and the thyroid.

I like to do my jawline, just for some extra sculpting and toning. And around my jowls. I really like to get in there and do some push and holds and work on sculpting my jawline.

You can work specific areas for a longer amount of time if you want.

In the end I just rotate the device to its starting position and then I would wipe it down with a wet cloth and then set it aside to dry.

That’s how easy these devices are to use.

That is it for my comparison of the Luce wand and the SolaWave wand.

Microcurrent Facial Wands Comparison (Luce 4T vs. SolaWave)

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