NuFACE mini vs FOREO BEAR mini Review

In this article I’m comparing the differences between the NuFACE Mini and the FOREO Bear Mini.

I want to compare everything, the design, the price, the features, the technology. I also want to show you how to use the NuFACE Mini and the FOREO Bear Mini.

There’s a lot to consider. These are very expensive devices, so that’s why I’ve put together this article full of all the information that you’ll need to figure out which microcurrent device should you get.



What Microcurrent Does?

What microcurrent does is it actually works to lift tone and tighten the muscles as well as stimulate collagen deep under the skin. You’re getting immediate lifting toning and tightening results. which is incredible.

With that muscle stimulation and within four weeks, your skin starts to produce new collagen and this will help to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, elasticity.

Microcurrent can help to tone your jaw, give you more plump cheeks, it can lift the corners of the mouth, it can really help to smooth out any lines that you have around your lips, especially if you’re a smoker.

It can help if you have saggy eyelids and need to lift or raise your eyebrows.

Microcurrent really just tones and tightens and is great in your skincare routine.

Now that we’ve touched on the basics of microcurrent, let’s take a look at the differences between the NuFACE Mini and the FOREO Bear Mini at home microcurrent devices.


The NuFACE Mini petite facial toning device retails for $199.

The NuFACE Mini is about half the size of my hand and it has three intensity level settings.

The FOREO Bear Mini also retails for $199. It is about a quarter size of my palm and it also has three intensity levels. It also has T sonic pulsations.

Comparing the size of the NuFACE Mini to the FOREO Bear Mini, the body of the FOREO Bear Mini is less than half the size of the NuFACE Mini.

When comparing the metal spheres, we can see that the NuFACE Mini spheres are quite a bit larger than the FOREO Bear Mini spheres, which makes the NuFACE Mini a lot better for the larger surface areas of your skin and the FOREO Bear Mini for the smaller areas.

Although both of these microcurrent devices are called the Mini, that’s essentially all that they have in common.

These are two completely different devices.

At first you may think that they’re comparable because of that Mini name but that’s not the case.

When it comes to battery life, I feel like this isn’t even a fair battle. You get almost 90 uses from your FOREO Bear Mini and in my opinion 90 uses is actually on the conservative side.

You really have to charge your NuFACE Mini once a week.



Let’s talk all about the devices, the power, the intensity, because really that’s what we’re paying for and that’s what’s going to give us the results.

While both devices have three intensity level settings, this is the only way that they’re the same.

The FOREO Bear is two times more powerful and six times faster at getting results than the NuFACE Mini.

What makes this possible is FOREO has anti-shock technology that monitors your skin a hundred times a second to make sure that your skin doesn’t get shocked.

The NuFACE Mini doesn’t have this technology, so it’s not possible for them to put as much power into their devices as FOREO has.

You might be wondering why it’s important to have more power in your microcurrent device.

For me it totally comes down to the speed of the treatment.

Having more power in the FOREO devices allows you to do the treatment in even less time than the NuFACE Mini.

The treatment time for the FOREO Bear Mini is about a minute and a half to two minutes. The treatment time for the NuFACE Mini is five minutes.

In the beginning it takes about four weeks to really start building that collagen deep in the skin. So for the first month or for the first 60 days, you really want to be using your microcurrent device five times a week for five minutes a day.

Over the course of 60 days, you’re going to end up saving two and a half hours using the FOREO Bear Mini compared to the NuFACE Mini.

Two and a half hours for me is totally worth it.

Not to mention that the FOREO Bear Mini has FOREO’s iconic t-sonic pulsations. This actually vibrates or creates pulsations that not only help to deliver the skin care ingredients deeper into your skin that you use, but it also helps to make the microcurrent more effective, delivering it deeper into the skin.

Not to mention that t-sonic pulsations are also just really relaxing and also help to relieve muscle tension giving you smoother skin, also helping to alleviate fine lines and wrinkles.

Like I mentioned at the beginning, the metal spheres on the top of the FOREO Bear Mini are quite a bit smaller than the NuFACE Mini.

With bigger sphere sizes that makes it perfect for doing larger surface areas of the face, like the jaw, the jowls, the cheek, the forehead.

While the smaller spheres on the FOREO Bear Mini are perfect at targeting those fine lines around the lips around the eyes.

That’s not to say that you can’t use the FOREO Bear Mini in the same areas. Just the sphere size is different and kind of depending what you’re after.

Although you definitely can use the FOREO Bear Mini for the entire face.

Keep in mind it’s two times more powerful, so it is going to target those larger muscles and still be very effective.



Let’s do a treatment using these microcurrent devices.

You always need to use a conductive serum or a conductive gel whenever using a microcurrent device.

You also want to make sure that your skin is totally cleansed and that you didn’t use any oil-based products.

No oil-based cleansers or serums before you do your micro-current treatment .

On the NuFACE Mini side, we’re going to be using the NuFACE primer gel. This is $14, it’s pretty affordable.

With the FOREO Bear Mini, we’re going to be using their serum serum serum. This one is quite a bit more than the NuFACE primer gel. This is $59.

I know that’s quite a big difference, but hear me out for a second. The serum serum serum is much more of a skincare treatment.

The fact that I’m already using a microcurrent device in the first place, taking my time to use the device, the number one thing that I don’t like to do in my skincare routine is waste time.

I’m here for effective ingredients, effective results in the shortest amount of time.

You do want to make sure that you’re using an appropriate amount.

The conductive gel is really going to help the electric current travel through the dry layers of skin on top and reach the muscle under the skin.

The NuFACE gel feels much more like an ultrasound gel, it’s more sticky and tacky. The FOREO serum serum serum is much more watery and you can tell a lot more hydrating, almost instantly on the skin.

Turn the NuFACE Mini on setting three because we’re going right to the top. Do the same with the FOREO Bear Mini on three.

The NuFACE does a little beep to let me know that it’s ready to go. The NuFACEe Mini takes a couple of seconds to warm up.

Place them right on the jaw and go all the way back.

The thing with the NuFACE device is you can hear a little beep, let you know that your treatment time is done to move on to the next section.

I have heard some people say that they don’t enjoy the beep, but it’s something that I like. It kind of keeps me on track, keeps me focused.

The t-sonic pulsations feel so good from the FOREO Bear Mini. It really just takes the treatment to the whole next level.

I definitely can feel a lot more tingling coming from the NuFACE Mini device.

That is typical with my NuFACE trinity. I actually get pretty serious shocks every time that I use it, no matter how much conductive gel I use. That’s why I keep talking about anti-shock technology in the FOREO Bear Mini. To me it’s one of the top features just to avoid those shocks all together.

Not to say that they’re painful, but they’re totally unnecessary and just not for me and they’re not very relaxing. They don’t have a place in my skincare routine.

The smaller spheres on the FOREO Bear Mini are perfect for any of the smaller areas on your face, If you have any fine lines around the lip area, crow’s feet around the eye, the FOREO Bear Mini fits perfectly.

When it comes to treating the forehead and the eyebrows, I do enjoy the larger spheres of the NuFACE Mini.

However the power of the FOREO Bear just takes me to the next level. Not to mention those t-sonic pulsations feel so good on my forehead.

Sometimes I suffer from headaches and just the t-sonic pulsations from FOREO devices feels so good.

While the NuFACE is good for a total forehead treatment, what I like about the FOREO Bear Mini is because the spheres are smaller, you can really target any fine lines or wrinkles that you have on your forehead.

For me that’s my number 11’s, right between my eyebrow, the FOREO Bear Mini fits a lot more easier than the NuFACE Mini.


Those are the main differences between the NuFACE Mini and the FOREO Bear Mini.

The similarities between the two microcurrent devices are the fact that they’re called Mini and that’s about it,

To wrap things up, the NuFACE Mini spheres are larger. The bigger spheres on the NuFACE Mini are perfect for an entire face treatment.

But keep in mind that it’s half the power of the FOREO Bear Mini.

The FOREO Bear Mini has smaller spheres, although more power, so it still can handle those larger surface areas of the face. As well as fit into those contoured areas around the lips, help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles around the lips and the eyes or any other small areas on the face.

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NuFACE mini vs FOREO BEAR mini Review

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