Photozyme MD Skincare Review

Here I talk about true anti-aging with the latest and the greatest science and technology

I’m always searching for the latest and the greatest in science and technology.

This product line is insanely amazing, the highest quality ingredients, the newest science, the newest technology and you will get serious results.

This is anti-aging at its core, where you need to start with anti-aging.

I’m going to share all of the brand information with you, all the science and technology behind this brand.

This is a DNA repair brand. The brand I’m talking about is called Photozyme and this brand will truly change your skin at the DNA level, which is the core of your skin health, the core of anti-aging.


Photozyme is a medical grade skin care brand. it is only found in dermatologist office cosmetic surgeons office and top doctors

DNA repair is key to skin health and anti-aging. The breakdown of our DNA daily is what causes aging to the skin.

DNA damage causes pigmentation, it causes lines and wrinkles and it causes aging skin.

Every single day our skin is being hit by pollution and the sun and every single day our skin is under attack and we are getting DNA damage.

Every DNA strand that you have is getting hit by over 10 000 different wounds daily.

Your skin cannot repair that.

As you get older your skin is not going to be able to repair all that DNA damage and that’s what leads to aging skin.

We are getting hit by so much damage and the true damage to our skin the true aging starts with the DNA

What Photozyme has done is they have three enzymes in their products that are true DNA repair enzymes.

There’s nothing like this on the market.

There might be other products out there that say DNA repair, but they don’t have this science and this technology.

The three enzymes in this brand are clinically studied, so much trials behind them, so much science behind them, that it is proven to repair the DNA damage within your skin.

80% of damaged aging skin is caused by the sun and there’s only a certain levels of protection that you can take.

You can wear your sunscreen, that’s going to give you a good layer base of protection.

You can also use antioxidants, that’s going to give you another level of protection with the free radicals and all of that.

But DNA, true DNA repair is where it starts. You are going to protect your skin from the start when you use these products.

You will not only be repairing past damage, but you are stopping damage from occurring daily.

The enzymes in Photozyme products actually mimic your body’s natural response to photo damage. Those enzymes are encapsulated in a liposomal delivery system, which is the best delivery system.

That is a delivery system that your skin recognizes and pulls through. It’s the best delivery system for any skincare.

If a skincare brand uses the liposomal delivery system that is key, because that delivery system is the best for drawing in those ingredients directly to your skin cell while keeping everything active along the way.

It’s a delivery system that keeps everything active which is key.

Once those enzymes are brought directly into the skin cell, they actually adhere only to the damaged DNA strands and then they go to work and they repair that DNA strand.

DNA repair is the true core and the start to creating healthier younger skin.

Because your DNA is getting attacked every single day by so much damage and it’s breaking down daily, these products are on a constant repair cycle.

You’re gonna notice so much changes within your skin. This starts at a very deep level and then it’s gonna work its way up.

You will notice that sun spots and sun damage definitely fade away. It has been proven that in 12 weeks of using these products, a person can see a 70% reduction in those sunspots on their skin.

A person went from 217 UV spots on their skin to 60 UV spots in 12 weeks. That is huge, that is just showing what DNA repair can really do from the inside out of your skin.

I like to call Photozyme products the morning after skincare, because you get damaged today and then you repair it tomorrow.

These products have truly amazing ingredients and a technology like nothing else.

The three enzymes that they use to really repair that DNA, all three of them do little differences in your DNA and the repair, but one of them will instantly neutralize and repair the DNA

Your skin’s being hit by damage and it instantly repairs and then another one takes a little bit longer to repair, about 24 hours. It goes to work and just does a little bit of something different in your skin.

The products go to work very quickly and with consistent use of them, you’re going to be constantly repairing that DNA damage.

Because you’re getting DNA damage every single day. There’s nothing you can do about it, but with daily use you are constantly in that repair mode.

I want to share the products with you, just a little info on each product.

Photozyme MD DNA Youth Recovery Serum

This serum has the three enzymes at potent levels that are going to really make such an effect to your skin. This is going to really give you those amazing DNA repair results.

This is a day and night serum, this is going to go on your skin first even before growth factors. You want to apply this directly to freshly cleansed and toned skin.

This is going to be your first step and this is going to give you true DNA repair.

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Photozyme MD GFS Plus Night Serum

This is a 0.5 retinol. This is the most state of the art retinoid.

It does have the three enzymes in there to be repairing that DNA damage throughout the entire night.

This is also loaded with growth factors, vitamin C, firming peptides, skin barrier repair
technology, all in a liposomal delivery system.

Photozyme Probiotic Gentle Cleanser

It is a great everyday cleanser loaded with probiotics and skin barrier hydrating ingredients that your skin is just going to drink up. Your skin feels plump and hydrated and it’s good for all skin types.

Photozyme Ultra Rich DNA Facial Cream

This is so good so you can use this at night, you can use it during the day, whichever you want for your skin.

if you have more dry skin, you can use it during the day. I have more oily skin, I’ve been using it at night.

This is loaded with skin barrier repair technology as well as the three enzymes. It has hyaluronic acid in it, it has everything your skin needs to repair and keep a healthy skin barrier along with getting that DNA repair.

Photozyme iQuad Total Eye Therapy

You are going to absolutely love this as well.

Skin around our eyes is more susceptible to early aging, the breakdown of collagen, the breakdown of elastin. Everything is hitting this area and the area is so much more delicate than any other part of your face.

This does have the three enzymes, it also has ,firming peptides, it’s loaded with antioxidants. You will notice that it will brighten up under your eyes, it’s going to firm and tighten the skin around your eyes. The hydration is amazing.

Photozyme Vitamin C+E Ferulic Acid Serum with DNA

This is your 15ml ascorbic acid and it also has your vitamin E and it also has your ferulic acid as well as the three DNA repairing enzymes.

Vitamin C feels so good on your skin, it leaves your skin glowing, it absorbs so nicely into your skin.

You’re getting all the antioxidant protection that you need daily with your vitamin C ascorbic acid, your vitamin E, your feralic acid, but then at the same time you’re repairing the DNA damage.

You’re just hitting everything, every type of protection, every type of repair in one.

Photozyme MD Skincare Review

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