Best Portable Facial Steamer at Home!

This is a professional quality, portable facial steamer that uses micro steam technology that allows you to get a steaming facial treatment at home, which is the number one treatment in many beauty salons.

It is called Dr. Gross Pro Facial Steamer!

People love facials. I love facials because it’s so relaxing, so therapeutic, but it also hydrates the skin, it brings back smooth, soft skin. It gives you that radiance.

But many women never get facials! You know why? Because they’re so expensive!

With this portable facial steamer you can get a facial in your own home using distilled water.

portable facial steamer

You don’t have to wait for that special occasion, you do not have to spend all this money, you don’t have to wait to make it a treat.

You can do this anti-aging facial at home every day if you want.

You can do it for nine minutes (this is how long the treatment lasts) or you can do it for two minutes, go out and look beautiful.

I said anti-aging facial on purpose because facials are gonna bring back that moisture, bring back water, because as we age, our skin loses water. That’s part of the aging process. You can restore that with this handheld facial steamer.

Anti aging means not only restoring water, but making lines and wrinkles look better too.

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When I say doing facial, it means you just sit in front of the steam, you move your face around, let that beautiful mist of steam do its magic. The idea is to really move your face around and coat its entire surface.

Temperature is just right, it’s warm, it’s not hot, it’s preset. You put a little water in the cartridge, flip the switch and you got it going.

After you are done with your facial, you should apply a product that contains hyaluronic acid. It will seal in the moisture because hyaluronic acid is moisturizing ingredient that is like a sponge. It gets into your skin and holds all that water.

Who should be using this? What age?

handheld facial steamer

If you have teenagers at home and they have some complexion problems or if you see some with large pores because they show up at that age group, this is gonna help them.

If you’re someone who wants to have a treatment that’s gonna hydrate your skin, that’s going to bring back the moisture and give you this radiance in as little as two minutes, up to nine minutes, that you can do in the comfort of your own home, and not have to go to a spa, not have to save up for it and you can just get this treatment at home, then this is a great idea.

These are treatments that are done professionally with devices like these that you now can use at home.

If you have a moisturizer you love or a product you love, you can use this portable facial steamer and then apply your moisturizer or your product and it’ll work much better. It’s gonna make all your other products work better.

It’s a great thing to do any time of day. Before you go out, or in the morning to start your day, or at night to relax.

Importance of Portable Facial Steamer

facial steamer at home

Facials are one of the most popular treatments. This at-home facial steamer unit allows you to do a facial in your own home a couple times a week and that will give you even more beautiful, younger looking skin.

One of the most important reasons your skin actually gets dry is because water evaporates from your skin. It’s this concept called transepidermal water loss. It simply means that we lose water because it evaporates from our skin into the air and it dries out.

Bring back that moisture, bring back that water, that’s what facials do. That’s why I use this at-home facial steamer. There is no quicker way to replenish that internal water content in your skin than with a steamer.

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Why is that important?

If you have oily skin, it’s a way to remove that excess oil, it’s a way to clean out and remove the debris and detoxify the pores that come with oily skin.

If your skin is dry, it hydrates your skin. There’s no better way to immediately hydrate your skin, bring back your radiance, give your skin a younger look than with a facial steamer.

And then use a moisturizer afterwards, like hyaluronic acid. When you put on a moisturizer after steaming, you’re locking in that hydration. Those millions of molecules of water that have been brought to your skin are now locked in.

Features of Dr. Gross Pro Facial Steamer

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Wide nozzle for full steam coverage
  • Automatic safety shut-off
  • Simple, sliding on-off switch
  • Carrying handle for portability

Using Facial Steamer

facial steamer machine

Steaming is an amazing way to give yourself a pro facial at home.

Not only is it gonna open up your pores to get rid of some of those impurities, but it’s also gonna give you a deep hydrating treatment as well as allowing your products to penetrate even deeper.

It’s important to start with totally clean skin. You’re gonna remove all your makeup and do a deep cleanse prior to so you can get the most out of the steam.

You open the back of the steamer. You’re going to get distilled water to put into your steamer.

It’s important we use distilled because the tap water can have some heavy metals in it that can affect the integrity of the steam itself.

The steamer is gonna produce steam for about nine minutes. This is a perfect amount of time to get the most benefits you possibly can out of the treatment.

After you’re done with your steam, it’s important to treat the skin. You’re gonna put on a hydrating serum and lock it all in with a great moisturizer.

Benefits of Facial Steaming

facial steamer benefits

1. Steam loosens blackheads and whiteheads. It really helps to soften your skin and loosen your pores. Obviously removing blackheads and whiteheads can really irritate your skin.

Steaming your face, whatever blackhead removal tool you’re using, whatever technique you’re using, is gonna make your skin a lot softer and help to push out these blackheads.

2. If it’s gonna push out blackheads, it is gonna push out dirt and other crap from your skin. Sweat is basically the best thing to bring all the rubbish to the surface, which is usually why you get spotty when you are working out.

It gets that dirt out that’s really wedged inside your pores. Imagine sweat being the liquid that’s helping to cleanse out your pores properly. Steam brings out all that sweat, bringing out all that dirt, giving you a really good cleanse.

3. Once you’ve cleansed, you usually use all your other products. Steam actually helps all these other products work better, helps them communicate with your skin better. For example, serums, essences and even face masks.

You can put a face mask and then steam right over the top of that and your skin will benefit from the ingredients 10 times more. That’s not an official figure, but it would benefit a lot more.

4. If you have dry skin, steamers are actually very good at hydrating your skin. Steamers can increase the permeability of your skin, meaning it can take the products a lot better and make them work better. So when you’re using hydrating products, like moisturizers and serums, your skin is going to hold on to them a lot more.

This is great for dry skin because it’s gonna help your skin retain that moisture. It’s also gonna get rid of all those dead, dry skin cells that make your skin look dry and it’s going to make your skin look a lot plumper and bouncier. It’s gonna increase your suppleness.

5. Steaming has anti-aging benefits. It gets rid of dead skin cells, those really horrible visible ones you can see in your skin. When your skin cells are new, they are nice and plump. As you get older and as your skin cells get older, they look and go a bit spongy.

These dead skin cells are stuck to the nice new, plump skin cells that are growing underneath. Which is good, we like these dead skin cells because they create a protective barrier and also stop moisture from escaping the skin.

Obviously they will break off naturally. When you’re younger, the cell turnover is a lot quicker than when you’re getting older. The cell turnover takes a bit more time and that’s why we start to look a little bit older, our skin looks tired, pretty much dead and dull.

What steaming does is unbinds these dead skin cells, only a few of them so it’s getting rid of the excess of dead skin cells you have on the top layer. It is unbinding them from the skin so we do still have that protective layer but it’s getting rid of a huge amount of them and that’s why after a good steam, our skin looks fresher and younger and plumper.


Pro Facial Steamer

I really depend on the Pro Facial Steamer a few times a week.

I fill the water tank with distilled water and then sit there for 10 minutes, allowing the steam to coat every part of my face and my neck. After the steam, I immediately apply my serum and moisturizer.

Trust me when I tell you that this steamer makes my skin glow. Within seconds of finishing the steam, my skin is plumper and glowing.

If I could use the machine every day, I would, but it’s good only in moderation. So I keep it to max twice a week.

Having great skin is vital to me and this portable steamer ensures that it stays that way.


Best Portable Facial Steamer at Home!

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