Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device Review

Here I’m reviewing the Silk’n Infinity at home hair removal device.


Silk'n Infinity Hair Removal Device

The Silk’n Infinity is safe to use at home on all skin tones, but if you have naturally darker skin, you might not want to use the device, as darker skin can create burns and we definitely don’t want to do that.

One great thing about the Silk’n Infinity is it does come with a skin color sensor.

When it’s pushed up against your skin, if your skin in that area is too dark, it’s going to flash the indicator light, telling you to either move it to another spot on your body or it just might not be right for you.

The darker your skin is, the more melanin in your skin, the greater chance you have for burns.

But Silk’n has made it super easy with their skin color sensor.

The device uses galvanic energy first to help open up your pores and then the optical energy comes in and that’s going to go deep into the hair shaft for hair removal. And then afterwards you want to put some lotion on to keep your skin nice and smooth.

You can use the Silk’n Infinity on your face, on your underarms, your arms, your bikini line, your upper thigh bikini zone area, your legs, your back or your chest.

The device comes with a carrying case, which is a really nice carrying case, which has a little pocket for your instruction booklet, your warranty booklet, a cleaning cloth to clean the front part of the device and also clean the rest of the device, and then the device itself with a cord.

Intensity Levels

HPL hair removal machine

When you turn it on, you’re gonna hear a fan. There are five different levels of the pulse energy, one through five. You can press and go all the way up to five.

It depends on your skin tone. The lighter your skin tone, you can do levels one through five. The darker your skin tone, you wanna keep it down on level one.

I’m not the lightest person but I’m the next lightest, so I was able to first start out on level one, it was fine, and I went all the way to level five and I’ve not had an issue with level five.

This emits a light pulse to remove the hair. It’s not going to hurt you. Some people might feel what feels like a little bit of a rubber band type snap, but it’s very mild, it’s not painful.

I’m a big baby, I do not like needles or any painful type of procedures, and this is very tolerable. I can put it all the way up on level five and it doesn’t hurt me.

Your skin might feel a little warm right afterwards, but nothing painful. I promise. I was really concerned if this was gonna hurt and it doesn’t hurt at all.

You can equate it to a snap of a rubber band, but not a hard one, just a little flick on your skin and then your skin is warm and that’s really all I feel with this.

How to Use

Before treatment, the skin should be clean and dry, free from any deodorants or antiperspirants or lotions or things like that. You want to make sure your skin is shaved.

Make sure you do not wax or pluck or tweeze your hair out because you want to make sure that the light can actually hit the hair shaft itself so that it can be removed. If you have plucked or tweeze it out, then it’s not going to be able to work on that hair shaft, because the hair is gone.

The reason you want to make sure that you are shaved is because you don’t want the light source energy to bend too much of its energy on the hair that’s already coming out of the follicle.

You want it shaved as close down to the pore as possible. That way, light energy can open up the pore, go down into the hair follicle, into the hair shaft and that will help with better removal.

The device can work only when it’s pressed against the skin. So, you select your desired level and then press the device against the skin. Make sure you have good contact with your skin and then you’re going to press the big white button.

You can control the flash and how often it happens by pressing the button. Or if you want to glide instead of just regular pulsing, if you press the button and hold it, you can just slide it along the surface of your skin and every second or so the pulse will light.

If you’re at level five, the pulse takes a little bit longer to recharge.

If you’re going to use it on your face, make sure you use it from the cheek bone down, don’t go above the cheekbones.

Does It Work?


I’m also using it on any little stray mustache-type hairs that we get, especially the older we get, and it has completely gotten rid of those.

I’ve used it on my underarms, I’ve used it on the little knuckle hairs, I’ve used it on my bikini line, I’ve used it on my legs, the tops of my feet, my toes, I’ve used it all over the place and it worked really well. In some places it works better than other places.

I think the greatest results that I saw was probably above upper lip and on my legs. My legs can go days now without shaving and the hair that grows back is much softer and also a lot spottier. There are bald patches where the hair is just not growing back. That was after about five sessions.

You want to wait two weeks in between each session. Sometimes I only waited a week because I was a little impatient, but it does say to wait two weeks in between each session and then once you reach the desired level of hair removal, that’s usually about 70% or so of removal, then you can start doing it once a month.


You can have the Silk’n Infinity hair removal device for $399 and often they have sales and you can save a lot of money.

At the time of writing this review, you can save $80. Click here to check current price.

It might seem pricey, but if you’re going to price out laser hair removal in a salon, the amount of treatments that it’s going to take and also touch up treatments over your life, you’re going to spend thousands of dollars.

I think this is a much more affordable option and also I don’t have to leave my house. I can be naked and take care of all hair on my body that I need to and I don’t have to have somebody else doing it in a salon.

I think in the long run it’s a lot more cost effective and also just as effective as going to the salon and getting laser hair removal there.

Quick Review of the Silk’n Infinity


Here is a quick review of the Silk’n Infinity HPL device for long lasting hair-free skin.

I rate the Silk’n Infinity as one of the best home HPL devices because it’s fast and affordable. It’s good for both large and small body areas.

You can use the Infinity on all skin tones, light to black and it works best on dark hair colors. But you mustn’t use it on skin tone that is too dark and on tattoos or if you’re pregnant.

What else I like about the Silk’n Infinity?

It’s decent quality with a 180 centimeter long power cable that fits snug in the device. I like the sturdy storage case too.

The HPL bulb gives over 15 years of whole-body sessions, which is many more than you’ll ever need.

It’ll last for decades and there’s a two year warranty too.

The Infinity isn’t fancy, it’s like a large white pebble but it’s light-weight and comfy to grip, whilst pressing the large flash button as you work.

There’s one medium sized flash window and the simple controls are tucked away on the bottom of the device.

The Infinity is the most affordable choice that’s safe for dark and black skin.

It’s safe because it uses much gentler HPL than other devices and combines it with galvanic current. Galvanic current is a painless flow of electric charge through your skin. The current flows from the contact electrode around the flash window down into your skin.

It opens your pores wide and exposes more of your hair, so your hairs absorb more HPL energy from the flashes, and it reaches deeper down into the follicle.

This means the Infinity can use much gentler HPL that’s just as effective but it’s also safe for dark and black skin.


There are 5 intensity levels.

Levels 1 and 2 are safe for dark and black skin with gentle HPL, starting at 3 joules per centimeter squared.

Levels 3 to 5 are more intense, up to 4 joules per centimeter squared and are safe for light to medium skin tones.

And to protect darker skin, the clever skin tone sensor scans and activates only the lower intensity levels, safe for your skin tone.

And the final reason I think the Infinity is super value is because it gives fast sessions too.

Keep the flash button pressed and glide along your skin, the flashes are fastest on the low intensity levels. The glide rate is steady and sessions are quick.

I can flash my full leg on the highest intensity level in around 12 minutes. And my whole body took just over 40 minutes.

Now that’s just a little slower than the more expensive premium models.

The only negative with the Silk’n Infinity is that it is a bit bulky compared to the size of the flash window. So, it’s not as precise as other rivals, and it’s awkward to flash on the upper lip and around the jawline without pulling funny faces.

For users with light to medium skin, use intensities 4 and 5, do a session every 2 weeks until you’re smooth.

You’ll notice it’s working after a few sessions with softer, finer and slower hair regrowth and then eventually bald patches appear.

If you’re hair-free after around 4 sessions, switch to monthly top-ups to stay smooth.

However, for dark and black skin users, using the low intensities, it takes several sessions longer to see results. You’ll need around 12 sessions in total, then do top ups as you need them to stay smooth.

I recommend the Infinity because it gives fast sessions with an affordable price tag, for face, small and large body areas.

You do get a 60-day money back guarantee, so you can try it for two months and if it’s not for you, return it for a refund.

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Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device Review

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