10 Skin Care Products Containing Peptides

These are one of the best skin care products with peptides that improve the health and beauty of your skin.

They are clinically proven and used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and skincare professionals in the most prestigious medical clinics and spas throughout the world.

HydroPeptide Face Lift


As we age it’s harder for us to stay in shape. That’s why diet and exercise are so important for our bodies.

The same concept goes for our skin. If we don’t encourage it to perform at its highest level, the results are sagging and sallow skin.

Luckily there’s a way to give your skin a boost.

This ultra light moisturizer from HydroPeptide is like a facelift in a bottle.

It’s a super smart hydration cream that contains a mega dose of skin enhancing actives inside. You will find multi performance peptides that reinforce the skin’s collagen and elastin.

There are 9 peptides that offer a wide range of superior anti-aging benefits: Relaxing Peptide, Lifting Peptides, Energizing Peptide, Brightening Peptide, Anti-Glycation Peptide, Defensive Peptide and Preservative Peptides.

There are also hyaluronic acid that improves elasticity and hydration and a dozen antioxidants to provide broad-spectrum free radical protection.

The Face Lift cream has other multifunctional benefits, including skin brightening, wound healing and anti-inflammatory benefits. Also you can maintain a youthful appearance.

Apply just a pea-sized amount to the entire face and neck every morning and night and watch fine lines and wrinkles plump out.

HydroPeptide Power Lift


Keeping your skin hydrated is one of the most important elements in skin care.

It’s crucial for those with all skin types, but especially for those with mature skin.

As we age, collagen and elastin breakdown and cell turnover slows down. This contributes to the look of dry, thin skin, which in turn leads to fine lines and deeper wrinkles.

To moisturize your skin properly look no further than this ultra rich Power Lift moisturizer from HydroPeptide.

It’s packed with peptides, including Anti-Gravity Peptide, Lifting Peptide, Retinoic-Like Peptide, Relaxing Peptide and Preservative Peptide.

It offers four categories of hydration:

  1. emollients for immediate softening and smoothness
  2. humectants to draw in hydratoin
  3. occlusives to lock in hydration
  4. ceramides act as the glue to hold skin together

You get immediate softening and smoothness, as well as deep long-lasting hydration.


Not only, that you get a daily dose of powerful antioxidants such as echinacea, green tea, vitamin C and rosemary, which offers free radical defense and encourages more youthful looking skin.

After just six weeks of continued use, you’ll notice firmer plumper skin as well as a reduction in the appearance of forehead lines, marionette lines and crows feet.

HydroPeptide HydroStem+6

HydroPeptide HydroStem+6

If you read beauty magazines lately, you likely heard buzz about stem cells. These are not human stem cells but botanical ones.

Recently skincare formulators have been turning to these botanical stem cells derived from various plants to help turn back the clock on aging.

How? Stem cells are believed to help regenerate damaged adult cells on the face, protecting them from environmental aggressors to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone and texture.

They may also help protect skin from UV aging, and help stimulate anti-oxidants and skin healing.

HydroStem+6 is a great example of skin care containing these powerful age-defying botanical stem cells.

After cleansing, apply a pea-sized amount to the entire face and neck every morning and night. After just 6 weeks of continued use you’re going to experience the full benefits of stem cells.

HydroPeptide Anti-Wrinkle Polish and Plump Peel


Proper exfoliation is often an overlooked step in many women skincare routine.

However, it happens to be the most important thing you can do for your skin.

Getting rid of dead skin, dirt and debris promotes healthy cell turnover and helps your skin to easily absorb active ingredients.

To slop off dull skin and reveal a brighter more youthful face, microdermabrasion and peels can be very beneficial.

The HydroaPeptide Anti-wrinkle Polish and Plump Peel instantly illuminates the skin and delivers the benefits of microdermabrasion with zero downtime.

With the power of vitamin C crystals and skin plumping peptides, this two-step system treats everything from acne and enlarged pores to hyperpigmentation and other signs of aging.

Peel 2 contains 6 peptides including Plumping Peptides, a Relaxing Peptide, Moisture-Binding Peptide and Hydration Peptide. They produce superior anti-aging properties.

To experience full results, massage a quarter teaspoon of Peel 1 onto the skin in an upward circular motion for one to two minutes.

Then with the Peel 1 still on your skin, apply a quarter teaspoon Peel 2 and massage for an additional one to two minutes.

When you rinse off the peel, you will instantly notice a brighter complexion.

HydroPeptide Power Serum


One of the most common beauty concerns women have as they age is a lack of facial volume over the years.

We lose collagen and elastin, which allows fine lines and deeper wrinkles to set in.

To regain that plumped skin of our youth and diminish the appearance of wrinkles, we need peptides and growth factors.

It contains 13 peptides including 4 volumizing peptides, 4 plumping peptides, 3 relaxing peptides and 2 preservative peptides.

That’s where HydroPeptide Power Serum comes in.

Apply it after cleansing the skin to the entire face and neck and receive a powerful dose of hydrating and volumizing peptides as well as a growth factor that restores collagen to its maximum potential.

After six weeks of continued use you’ll notice a reduction in the appearance of forehead lines, marionette lines and crows feet as well as an increase in skin firmness and volume.

HydroPeptide Eye Authority


Oftentimes the area around our eyes is the first to show our age. As early as our mid to late 20s and 30s, we start to see crow’s feet, under eye bags and circles.

But with the right product you can make tired eyes look bright and beautiful.

First crow’s feet. These small lines are easy to prevent and even easier to correct. Regular use of a highly moisturizing ice cream with peptides and hyaluronic acid can help keep the delicate eye areas supple and less prone to fine lines and wrinkles.

Boasting a mix of age-reversing black pearl peptides and radiance boosting crushed pearl powder, the cream not only diminishes the appearance of fine lines around the eye, it also immediately brightens dark circles too.

The product contains 13 peptides including Relaxing Peptides, Anti-Puffiness Peptides, Anti-Dark Circle Peptides, Anti-Glycation Peptides, Lifting Peptides, Illuminating Peptides and Preservative Peptides. They address every eye area concern, in one luxurious product.

Use your ring finger to apply half a pea-sized amount to the eye contour and above the crease of the eyelid. Then after just two weeks of continued use, you’ll notice brighter, more beautiful eyes.

HydroPeptide Anti-Wrinkle For Sensitive Skin

It’s estimated that 50% of American women have what dermatologists would deem as sensitive skin.

If you have it, you already know it can be very frustrating, especially if you’re trying to fight the signs of aging.

While you can’t use some of the more buzzed about anti-aging ingredients, you can still find products that fight wrinkles without irritation.

The next three products by HydroPeptide does this beautifully.

The Cleansing Gel works to remove dirt and oil and even makeup from the skin with gentle cleansing agents. You also get the extra soothing benefits of chamomile, cucumber and age defying peptides.


It contains 4 peptides, including triple action peptide, foaming peptide and preservative peptides.

Next, the Soothing Serum combines the power of calming and age defying peptides with botanical stem cells to reduce the appearance of redness, neutralize the feelings of sensitivity and restore hydration to the skin.


It comes with 6 peptides including volumizing peptides, hydration peptide, anti-redness peptide, sensitivity-neutralizing peptide and preservative peptides.

The Uplift Eye Gel immediately minimizes the appearance of creepiness, fine lines and wrinkles, while lifting and firming the entire eye area with peptides, a triple weight hyaluronic acid and argan extrac.


Thanks to allantoin, calendula and bisabolol, this delicate area is left feeling soothed and comforted.

It contains 4 peptides including antioxidant peptide, anti-dark circle peptide, retinoic-like peptide and preservative peptide.

In fact 91% of participants reported a younger and revitalized complexion without the dryness or irritation they typically experience with alternative solutions.

HydroPeptide Nimni Cream


The secret to anti-aging and really discovering the Fountain of Youth is literally in your genes.

You just have to know how to turn the right ones on.

Nimni cream is specifically designed to turn on your collagen in a meaningful way,

Collagen is absolutely critical for the health of our skin. Nimni cream we’ll help you look younger because it’s improving the health of yourself.

Loaded with one-of-a-kind patented collagen support complex both products in the Nimni dream team work around the clock to wake up your genes, boost your skin’s radiance and visibly improving its firmness and balance.

Using the Nimni Day Cream in the morning to nourish and protect skin all day with added lipoic acid and antioxidants.


Use Nimni cream at night to repair and rejuvenate while you sleep with added time release retinol and vitamin C. The results are absolutely dreaming.

HydroPeptide Solar Defense


Every year two million people in the US are diagnosed with skin cancer. Not only does exposure to the Sun cause melanoma, it has also been proven to accelerate visible signs of aging, like dark spots and wrinkles.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to keep your skin protected from the sun’s rays.

The first and best place to start this process is with sunscreen, even in the winter.

The HydrPeptide Solar Defense broad-spectrum SPF 50 is all the coverage you need to protect yourself against photo damage that results in dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, both physical blocking sunscreens, this lightweight non-greasy formula offers broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB damage, without leaving a white chalky appearance.

Not only that, it self adjusts to the color of your skin tone to provide flawless coverage, while anti aging elements hydrate, protect and clarify the skin.

HydroPeptide Perfecting Gloss – Lip Enhancing Treatment


It’s safe to say women everywhere wants soft, supple, full lips, but as we age, we lose volume and that leads to lip lines, wrinkles and a deflated pouch.

To counteract this problem and give your lips a more youthful appearance you need to infuse moisture and volume back into your lips.

The lips have fewer oil glands than other areas of the face, which makes them more likely to become dehydrated and thin.

Regular use of a highly moisturizing lip treatment with volume enhancing peptides and hyaluronic acid, helps to keep the delicate area of your lips supple and full.


In a variety of different shades, these lip enhancing glosses provide an instant plumping effect thanks to niacin and warming peptides, which increase circulation.

The best part? You don’t have to feel a burn with these lip glosses they are smooth and silky.

What really sets them apart is the long-term results. Due to volume enhancing peptides, triple weight hyaluronic acid and meadowfoam estolide, which seals in hydration, these glosses offer cumulative age defying results.

In fact, in a six-week study, 89% of participants saw immediate and long-term improvement in the youthful appearance of their lips.

About Peptides in Skin Care Products

If you feel like no matter what you’re doing and your skin is just not improving, you need to pay close attention to this part because we’re gonna be talking about peptides.

Peptides are a really important ingredient because it helps your skin to be healthy on its own.

They help your skin to be more healthier and stronger and hydrated and also they help to brighten your dull complexion so that your skin can look more youthful and fresh.

Peptides will make sure that your skin is in a condition where it can be healthy on its own.

They are a really important ingredient for all of us.

With that said, there are so many different types of peptides.

The first one is EGF and this actually works to regenerate the surface of your skin.

So what this is gonna help is really improve the fine lines, especially for those of you in your 20s and 30s.

bFGF works in the deeper layers of your skin so it’s gonna help with the deeper wrinkles, starting from your mid-30s and so on.

Next you have the Acetyl Hexapeptide-8. It’s also called the Botox that you apply on your skin. You can imagine how good this ingredient is.

It is an ingredient that’s gonna give you an extremely fast results for your wrinkles.

A lot of people ask different questions regarding peptides such as what types of skin types shouldn’t use peptides or what skin care products shouldn’t be used with peptides.

And the answer is all skin types can use peptides!

You can use it with any other skin care products!

It can be helpful for people with aging skin, pregnant women, or those with acne-prone skin.

They are really your all inclusive ingredient!

And if you don’t feel any irritation, then there’s really no reason not to use them with other skin care products.

Peptides are also ingredients that are not harmful. Even teenagers can use them.

Peptides are ingredients that all genders and all ages can use but it is still the safest to ask your doctor who knows your specifics and conditions the best.

So with peptides the only thing that we really need to be careful of is actually storing them properly.

All you have to do is avoid sunlight and keep them in room temperature. Very simple.

Here are four do’s to use peptides more effectively.

Do number one: Use at the first step of skin care.

The best time to use a peptide ingredient is at the first step of your skincare routine.

If you’re using a product that has even the tiniest amount of oil or has other hydration effects, then we recommend using a product with peptides first.

The reason is because if you use a product with an ingredient that actually creates a protective layer on the surface of your skin,. then peptides barely get soaked in your skin. So in this case, you’re not going to be able to see the full effect of peptides.

First, you want to clean the face to remove any impurities. Second, you want to apply peptides directly onto the face.

Do number two: Use it during the time that your skin goes through recovery.

You can use peptides for both day and night routine. But using it during the night time and during the recovery time is gonna really help to boost the effect.

Time between 10 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. is for beauty sleep.

You heard of this, right?

This is very true because a lot of hormones that makes our skin more beautiful and healthy are produced during this beauty time.

Also, many hormones that help to regenerate cells and also make our skin more beautiful get released 3 hours after you fall asleep.

For peptides, especially in the case of the EGF, it’s most effective to use them during your skin’s recovery process.

Do number three: Use alternatively with a chemical exfoliator.

So in principle, peptides can be used with other acidic products such as AHA, BHA and vitamin C.

But for the most effective absorption process, we recommend using it alternatively every other day.

Exfoliating ingredients don’t exactly work together with EGF, they don’t really have a good synergy effect.

If you do remove the dead skin cells before you put on your peptides, this is really great because that’s gonna help peptides to absorb better into your skin.

For example, if you use the AHA exfoliator on a Monday, then you can use a product with peptides for the rest of the week.
Let’s say you want to use these two products together. Then we recommend giving a minimum of twenty minutes before using the products.

Doing this prevents the products from interfering with each other’s absorption processes.

Do number 4: Use with vitamin C.

Vitamin C is the most well known anti-oxidizing ingredient. It works to brighten dull complexion, prevents aging from UV rays and also helps recover your skin.

Applying peptide and vitamin C together helps to recover skin damage, helps to increase production of elastic tissues like collagen.

So if you do have sensitive skin, using a vitamin C product before going out in the sun can actually irritate your skin and cause redness.

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10 Skin Care Products Containing Peptides

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