Why Are Silk Pillowcases Good For Skin?

Here I want to talk about silk. I’m going to break down all the benefits that silk has on our skin, especially if your skin is a concern to you. Whether that is acne and breakouts or if it’s sensitivity or severe dryness of your skin.

This is seriously something that I would really consider looking into is getting a really nice silk pillowcase.

I am a big fan of Silk Maison.

The quality of their silk pillowcases are amazing. The silk they use is mulberry silk.

To tell you a comparison, let’s say you’re looking at cotton. You know that everyone raves about Egyptian cotton being the best.

Mulberry silk is basically the Egyptian cotton version of silk.

Also this is 6A grade silk, which in the silk world is the best you can get.

You can check it out here.

Let’s get into what the actual benefits are of using silk and especially the benefits on your skin.


The first benefit to mention is for any of you who suffer with acne prone skin. Silk is actually antibacterial.

So when you are sleeping on a silk pillowcase, it is far more hygienic in comparison to sleeping on let’s say a cotton pillowcase.

That is a massive massive plus because the fabric doesn’t harvest the bacteria. Do remember you are sleeping on this for eight hours. So in terms of the hygiene around your face and obviously breakouts, this can make a big difference.

Gentle on The Skin

Silk is so much more gentle for your skin, it’s much softer on the skin.

What you may not know is that a lot of the conventional materials for pillowcases, for example the cottons or nylon, they can actually cause a lot of friction on the skin. They actually can be quite harsh and abrasive on the skin, which isn’t something that you would think of with pillowcases.

But this can be a key player especially if you have very sensitive skin that can get irritated very easily.

No Friction

But this also plays an effect on our hair because of the abrasiveness of certain pillow materials. When you’re rolling around on your pillowcase, your hair shafts can actually experience that friction and that’s why some pillowcases can cause breakage of the hair.

With silk you don’t get that friction because, it’s so gentle and so soft on the skin. Not only is it much gentler on your skin of your face, but also it is so much kinder to your hair.

People actually really do report when they use a silk pillowcase for a long period of time that the quality of their hair gets much better and it’s because they’re not having any of that friction.


Does Not Absorb Oils

Another benefit of silk is it doesn’t absorb the oils from your face, but also your hair. Whereas in comparison, let’s say a cotton pillowcase, actually can absorb a lot of the moisture and oil on your skin and also from your hair as well.

That can actually cause the hair to be drier or your skin to be drier.

If you do switch to a silk pillowcase, you should notice the difference in terms of how your skin feels in the morning. It shouldn’t be as dry because the silk pillowcase isn’t absorbing everything overnight.

But then also linking back to the hair, this is also another reason why so many people report their hair to be in a much better condition when they use silk products. It is because the pillow is not absorbing all the moisture from the hair, so the hair isn’t s dry as it would be with a conventional pillowcase.

This is actually an area where I really see big benefits in, because I do notice when my silk pillowcases are in the wash and maybe i have to use a conventional pillow, I always notice that next morning my skin does feel different.

It’s a different kind of texture, but also I notice I get some fine lines, especially more on my forehead. Overall I can just see things are a little bit dried out.

I don’t get that as much when I use a silk pillowcase. I definitely notice a difference in the quality of my skin.

Also just worth mentioning on the hair front, especially if you have quite a lot of hair and quite heavy hair, silk scrunchies are actually fantastic because they don’t pull or damage your hair. Especially if you do want to tie your hair while you’re sleeping. These are a really good.

More Breathable

The next benefit you have using silk is silk as a fabric is far more breathable as well.

Especially if you have a sensitive skin type or maybe you suffer with something like rosacea, silk is gonna keep your skin so much cooler because it is a breathable fabric.

When you are sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, that cheek that is lying on it, you’re not having any breathable action there through the pillowcase.

If you have rosacea that can cause more heat in the skin and be much more irritating. This is also so prevalent for people who have eczema or anything like that on the body. So things like silk pajamas can be fantastic.



The last benefit to touch on is the fact that silk is actually hypoallergenic.

So for all of you who suffer with allergies, like myself, I am really allergic to things like dust and dust mites, silk pillowcases can be fantastic for that reason.

I really noticed I get a much better sleep. I think that’s another thing to point out – on a silk pillowcase you just get a much better quality night sleep.

Because of all of these scenes I’ve mentioned about, you don’t realize how these small things all add up and they can actually really impact your body.

I personally think the key one is the breathable fabric. That makes such a big difference in your quality of sleep and you don’t even realize it until you try it.

I really love it for that reason. I get a better night’s sleep!

Anti Aging

I actually thought one more benefit of these silk pillowcases as well. I briefly touched on it earlier about how conventional pillowcases sometimes give me fine lines.

Silk pillowcases have also shown that they can actually have anti-aging properties as well.

I think mainly because of those reasons I’ve already mentioned in this article, the fact that it’s not drawing out the moisture and the oils in the skin, and it’s much more gentle and it’s not abrasive on the skin in any way, it’s going to be much kinder in terms of protecting aging of your skin.

So there we have it.

I really hope this article was helpful, especially if you weren’t so sure about the benefits of silk beforehand.

If you have not tried a silk pillowcase, I highly recommend you give it a go. Especially if you’re into your skin care or if you have got skin concerns, whether it be acne prone or sensitive, whatever it might be.

I really recommend it to see those benefits that you can have on your skin.

Also please do go check out Silk Maison because they are a fantastic company to start off and try a pillowcase. They are amazing quality.

Why Are Silk Pillowcases Good For Skin?

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